Pence and wife mailed in their votes for June primary using mansion they haven’t lived at in 4 years

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We already know that the Republican Party deals mostly in hypocrisy. On top of that mountain of manure is the Trump administration and its shameless revolving door of hypocrites and thieves. As poll after poll shows that Trump is somehow becoming more unpopular every day, the Trump administration has pivoted to the Grand Old Party playbook of voter suppression. Trump has continued to push conspiracy theories of nonexistent mass voter fraud, while threatening U.S. states if they dare promote more democratic election measures.

Business Insider reports that Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, voted by mail in Indiana’s June GOP primary. Color me not-at-all-surprised! Even better, according to Business Insider, the Pences “used their old address in the Indiana governor’s mansion, which they moved out of in December 2016 as they started the transition to their new home in Washington D.C.”

Now, the Pences are very well within their legal rights to claim residence in Indiana in order to vote in their state’s primary. In fact, they seem to be within their legal right to use their old taxpayer-funded address—now shared with current Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb. And while hypocrisy seems to have become the political cabal’s brand, what they are actually pushing is racism. Just racism and white supremacy.

When Trump says that his personal vote-by-mail experience is different than the rest of the country, and when White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany defends her record of more than a decade voting by mail by parroting Trump’s claims that they’re different, they are reinforcing one thing: their administration’s focus on white essentialism. People like Trump and Pence and McEnany are okay to vote and people who benefit from being able to vote by mail in other places … are somehow not.

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