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It’s the 35th day of the partial government shutdown, payday for federal workers in which 800,000 of them got paychecks for $0.00. It’s bad enough that even popular vote loser Donald Trump finally had to cry “uncle.” In a Rose Garden speech Friday, with Nancy Pelosi’s Jimmy Choo stuck in his heart, he announced he had agreed to sign a clean continuing resolution to reopen the government through February 15.

“I am very proud to announce we have a deal to end the shutdown,” he said, adding “Everyone knows I have a very powerful alternative.” That would be the total not-emergency emergency declaration that is not happening.

The plan, according to Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer’s office, is for both the House and the Senate to pass the CR by unanimous consent today, Friday and to begin a conference between the House and Senate on funding for the Department of Homeland Security immediately. Spending bills have been agreed to by both chambers on the other agencies that have been caught up in Trump’s drive-by shutdown.

You know what this is? It’s a win for Nancy Pelosi. Her second one in a week. Trump backed down on the State of the Union address, and now he’s reopening government without wall funding.

Oh, and about that SOTU Speaker Pelosi? No SOTU until there’s permanent funding. For everything.

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