Pelosi names effective, experienced team of impeachment managers

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the following members as impeachment managers to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate, and to prosecute the case there.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California will serve as the lead manager. He is chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and proved his mettle in that committee’s impeachment hearings. He is a formal federal prosecutor. In the announcement, Schiff went straight at Mitch McConnell. “If the Senate wants to see the evidence, they should demand to see the documents and not participate in an effort to stonewall or cover up the President’s misconduct.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York is chair of the House Judiciary Committee and a graduate of Fordham Law School. He has been a member of the Judiciary Committee for the entirety of his congressional career. In his statement this morning, Nadler reiterated the burden on McConnell. “The Senate is on trial as well as the president.”

Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California, is also on the Judiciary Committee, and has the distinction of having worked on every modern impeachment inquiry. As a law student, Lofgren worked on the staff of former Rep. Don Edwards during Watergate, and wrote an article focused on bombing of Cambodia, an article that ended up not being adopted by the House. She was on the Committee during the Clinton proceeding, ultimately voting against those articles, saying “High crimes and misdemeanors is about the government. […] It’s about whether the activity of the president really threatens the Constitution or the democracy. That’s a very high standard, but it had nothing to do with President Clinton lying about sex.”

Rep. Val Demings, the first chief of police of Orlando, Florida, brings strong law enforcement credentials and a blistering, sharp performance in questioning during the Judiciary Committee hearings. Her opening statement in the Judiciary Committee was remarkable: “I come before you tonight as a descendent of slaves. Slaves who knew they would not make it, but dreamed and prayed that one day, that I would make it. I come before you tonight proclaiming that in spite of America’s complicated history, my faith is in the Constitution. […] I’ve enforced the laws and now I write the laws, and I know that nobody is above the law. But the law means nothing if the accused, whether the man who breaks into your house or the president, can destroy evidence, stop witnesses from testifying and blatantly refuse to cooperate in the investigation.” She is also a member of the Intelligence Committee and thus has a comprehensive view of the case.

Rep. Jason Crow is a freshman representative from Colorado. He is a member of the Armed Services Committee, is a veteran, lawyer, and former Army Ranger who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with impeccable national security credentials. He is one of the standout, swing-state freshman who wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post early on, in September, making the national security case for impeachment.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries from New York is another Judiciary Committee member and part of Pelosi’s leadership team, serving as chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. He attended New York University School of Law, where he graduated magna cum laude and served on Law Review. He galvanized the hearings with a history lesson about the threat of “divisiveness” of impeachment. “Slavery once divided the nation, but emancipators rose up to clarify that all men are created equally,” he said. “Suffrage once divided the nation, but women rose up to clarify that all voices must be heard in our democracy. Jim Crow once divided the nation, but civil rights champions rose up to clarify that all are entitled to equal protection under the law.” This impeachment, he said, “will clarify that in America, no one is above the law.”

Rep. Sylvia Garcia, another freshman, is the first Latina ever to represent Texas 29th congressional district and is a lawyer and former judge who is also on the Judiciary Committee. In her statement following her affirmative vote for impeachment, she said “I believe it is important that the Committee follows the evidence wherever it may lead us in determining whether or not to recommend articles of impeachment. […] No person is above the law, including the President of the United States. We have a constitutional obligation to investigate all potentially impeachable offenses.”

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