These two reporters pushed back at both GOP narrative and misinformation as they defended Speaker Nancy Pelosi. REALLY!

Finally! Media not used by GOP spin as they defend Speaker Pelosi

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My contention has always been that the media enhanced the viability that Donald Trump could be president back in 2015 and 2016. Both the mainstream media and the Fox News type media were complicit simply for ratings. Ultimately, allowing lies and misinformation to stay floating in the ethos created a trap door.

Republicans and their Right-Wing Misinformation Complex are much better at spreading misinformation than those telling the truth. If more reporters were as complete as Anna Palmer and Garrett Haake, Republicans would lose the credibility given by mainstream media, making plausibility possible.

Stephanie Ruhle asked the questions sufficiently broad to allow the most informative response. She first played a clip with Jim Banks attempting to change the subject. Banks wanted to blame the insurrection, the attempted coup by Donald Trump’s terrorists on Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claiming it was her responsibility to maintain security at the Capitol.

Setting the record straight validates what Pelosi is doing for many

Garrett Haake broadened Ruhle’s statement. He clarified that Pelosi does not have operational control of the Capitol police. The reality is that ultimately the security forces held the Capitol. The good guys pushed back on the terrorists. While the performance could have been better and must be improved, ultimately, Democracy won this time.

Regarding the committee being bipartisan, Anna Palmer made it clear that even after Republicans agreed to a deal where they would be equally represented on a committee investigating Jan 6th. The GOP rejected it. They left Pelosi with no alternative.

The notion that the committee is not bipartisan, however, is simply false. After all, two very conservative Republicans are a part of it, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger. Mehdi Hasan recently cut to the chase when he said it really was not all that complicated. The committee is more credible without Jim Jordan and others, and that it is factually bipartisan.

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