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Fox News / YouTube

While Donald Trump soils his diapers and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tucks his head under his turtle shell, Democrats continue to remind people that our government need not be shut down. There is nothing partisan, one way or another, about paying government employees the salaries they have worked hard for. Speaker Nancy Pelosi reiterated that when speaking today in front of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C.

Speaker Pelosi: But we do not support the president holding the health, safety, and paychecks of the American people hostage, again, to a campaign applause line. There is serious and justified concern that this president would shut down the government anytime he does not get his way legislatively. That is why we must hold the line on this shutdown in government.

She went on to remind America about all of the things that we could be doing to better our country if we didn’t have a cowardly and complicit Republican Party.

Speaker Pelosi: We have the opportunity and therefore the responsibility to get to work. Redeeming the promise of the American dream to every family, and progress for every community. We must build, build, build. Build our human infrastructure, invest in our physical infrastructure, and build our democracy.

She is crystal clear: This is Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s shutdown. They have the keys to this garbage fire. Watch the video below the fold.

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