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Okay, she was kinda-sorta diplomatic about it, but still.

After Donald Trump blathered some nonsense about never, ever doing things for political reasons (really?), and claimed that he ran in one election (false) and won, and that he’s ahead of the 2020 field based on polls (wrong again), he said that Obama kicked Russia out of the G7 because he was “embarrassed” that Putin had taken Crimea on Obama’s watch.

“President Obama was not happy that this happened because it was embarrassing to him, and he wanted Russia to be out of what was called the G8. He was outsmarted by Putin, he was outsmarted. President Putin outsmarted President Obama.”

Unfortunately for Trump, Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, has a long-term memory, and she immediately called the pr*sident out on this oft-regurgitated statement.

“Why do you [keep repeating] the misleading statement that Russia outsmarted President Obama when other countries have said that the reason why Russia was kicked out was very clearly because they annexed Crimea. Why keep repeating what some people would see as a clear lie?”

“Some people” (i.e., all people with a rudimentary grasp of reality) do see it as a clear lie. And yet Trump keeps repeating it.

Luckily, at least one member of the press is willing to challenge him over his rich fantasy life.

(Hey, I would have preferred “you’re lying your ass off again, and you look like a half-eaten creamsicle a raccoon buried in a sandbox 20 minutes ago,” but this is a start.)

More of this … please.


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  1. It’s so obvious that TRump purposely, and in premeditated fashion, just keeps his orange hole blathering so as to not give any journalist a chance to say anything or ask any questions, but this one journalist managed to squeeze in a little truth. Good for her.

  2. How can a creature shit at both end incessantly and still live? He is a living miracle, wrapped in a conundrum, plastered in a pile of feces…

    Obama didn’t own Crimea… it wasn’t Obamas place to start WWIII… he did what was available to him, sanctions and removing Russia from the world theatre. Now Donald wants to give Russia back that stage, and it’s important because Donald needs a good place where he can get together with Vlad regularly for “You know, those special meetings…” and get his marching orders from his boss.

  3. He wants to sound like he knows what he’s talking about at the same time make himself feel good. Trying to convince himself that he’s president.

  4. His base is counting on his ‘lies’ as being truth.. how pathetic is that?
    While most other repugs wear earplugs….hmm almost a rhyme.

  5. Didn’t we see a picture of President Obama glaring DOWN at Putin? Trump is taller than Putin but he always seems to submissively leaning in. The only one who believes his lies is djt.

  6. We watch Yamiche Alcindor on PBS all the time. Months ago Trump attacked her calling her question “stupid! Why would you ask such a stupid question?” We saw her ask this of the illegal occupant and it felt good to see her be so brave in the face of this disgusting bully. EVERY REPORTER THERE SHOULD LEARN FROM HER PROFESSIONALISM.

  7. She should have left out the equivocal qualifiers, ‘some people; other countries’. It is a start. I just wish that the follow up questions by other reporters would continue to call him out and force him to either make up another lie, storm off stage and stop talking to press, stroke out, or tell truth. The latter won’t happen.

  8. They’re closing Rikers in 7 years. I think it would be appropriate to have Benedict Donald serve time there 2021-2026 before moving to a Federal cushioned prison. He could make prison great again and share all his grifter and shakedown stories with the up n comers.


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