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Darn your planetary mindset, being ashamed of reacting to Individual-1 on mass media. Avoid complaining about Trump issues using the public sphere because you need to enable a malignant narcissist. Paul Ryan wants you to hold your rage in because you should watch this powerpoint presentation and repress your urge to #Resist. No one should (or can) publicly criticize Individual-1 and you should trust the GOP.


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  1. He should have never been in the WH. He’s to immature to take criticism. Paul Ryan has no credibility to give advice period.

  2. Like he kept quiet about PRESIDENT OBAMA? Really If I remember he was right there stirring the pot with the rest of the old white corrupt reps. He was smart enough to get out of town. As to the power points. Is that because trump cannot read or write

  3. Paul Ryan is, in my opinion, a mean, selfish, runt who would like to deny all Americans, with the exception of a few people chosen by him, the right to free speech, not to mention healthcare, the right to vote for the person of their choice, and a slew of other civil rights that he has tried to trample, unsuccessfully, into oblivion. Mr. Ryan, go jump in the lake.


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