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*Sigh* Here we go again. I think from now on we should just call it the Trumpublican Party. Paul Ryan was too slow to get away from a camera and microphone today, and ended up sounding like a less profane version of the Trumpster Fire.

Ryan was asked about his boss’s filthy remarks yesterday, and came out swinging. Swinging like a wet string that is. He refused to condemn either Trump or his language, instead calling the remarks “unfortunate,” and “unhelpful.” I like those words actually, especially as it regards Paul Ryan, “It is unfortunate that your sorry ass ever got elected to congress, and unhelpful for you to refuse to think about anything but your ideology.”

Actually, Ryan did actually rally slightly after that, immediately referring to his own ancestors immigration, and the discrimination they faced, but just like his moron overlord, Ryan just didn’t know when to quit.

He went on to praise the immigrant population of Wisconsin, blathering about the high numbers of “doctors who came from Africa,” and “what outstanding doctors they are.” Would you care to clarify that Mr Speaker? What about the Somali refugee who hands you your Venti Mocha Latte every morning? How about the Nigerian accountant who works at the firm that conducts and collates your popularity polls? Or the Haitian immigrant who dispatches the ambulance to your house every time you fall in the shower and bloody your empty head? Last time I checked, they all pay the same taxes, bleed the same color, and salute the same flag. The hypocrisy of micro managing racism is stunning.

This is the real problem with the GOP. Not only do they discriminate, they discriminate selectively. Africans suck, but an African doctor may save their sorry ass one day, so they don’t count. Mitt Romney was the poster child for this micro discrimination when he famously punked himself in telling the tale about how he slammed his landscaper one time, telling him, “I can’t have undocumented immigrants working on my property, I’m running for President for Gods sake!” Does this sound familiar? How about the Klansman who definitely doesn’t “hate” black people, he just doesn’t want one of them marrying into his family. The hypocrisy in these statements is breathtaking.

Look, racial discrimination has its own clubhouse in hell. But hypocritical discrimination gets you a job cleaning out the bathrooms in that clubhouse. Maybe Paul Ryan should take some of his own advice to his goose stepping President and just SHUT UP!

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