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Now that Congress has passed their massive tax cut, finally winning over even deficit-peacock Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) with the fairy dust and unicorn poop of “growth,” House Speaker Paul Ryan decides to get honest. On the Today Show, when pressed on whether he was living in a “fantasy world” that the $1.6 trillion lost revenue in tax cuts would be equaled by growth, Ryan says:

“Nobody knows the answer to that question.”

Nobody knows. And really, Ryan doesn’t care. All that kabuki over the Treasury analysis that never materialized that was going to prove that this bill would stimulate enough growth pay for itself, was just that. Meaningless. Because Republicans never have and never will care about the deficit. Not when it’s getting them what they want.

And in this case, Ryan’s got what he really wants—a gutted Obamacare and more importantly, a massive deficit that means he gets his spending cuts. “In addition to getting the economy growing faster,” he blusters, “we’ve got to control our spending. We have to go after spending control.” 

With a gleam in his eye, Ryan promises that the pain has just begun.

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