Paul Krugman: ‘This Could Be Worse Than Letting Mueller Finish’

Régis Filho / Flickr Paul krugman...
Régis Filho / Flickr

Donald Trump acted out badly the day after the midterm elections. His firing of Jeff Sessions was not his most brilliant moment.

Plus, Trump won’t have his lap dog, Devin Nunes, running interference for him as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff is in charge and Trump is going to find out what the word “oversight” means. He’s had a very cushy two years with a unified government at his beck and call. Now he’s going to find out what politics is really about.

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2 Comments on "Paul Krugman: ‘This Could Be Worse Than Letting Mueller Finish’"

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Sounds reasonable, but then there’s Pelosi to piss on it all.

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Who knows, even the Keebler Elf’s memory about campaign interactions with Russians might just improve under oath now that he’s been “fired”.