His actual title was Where Have All the Grown-ups Gone?

We all know the build up of super-spreader Orange malfeasance, so I’ll skip that to the meat of the piece

And Trump seems to have set the standard for many of his devotees. Many of the rioters who tried to overturn the election on Jan. 6 seem to be very sorry — for themselves. Kyle Rittenhouse wept on the witness stand, not because he felt remorse over killing people but over the pain of being put on trial. The Crumbleys, who gave their son the gun with which he shot up his Michigan school and killed four students, also seemed very upset — over having been arrested.

They whine about their freedoms when faced with the unspeakable horror of a face mask, so macho.

It didn’t start with Trump. We’ve been heading this way for a long time. Back in 2006, in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq on false pretenses and the botched response to Hurricane Katrina, I wrote about the “mensch gap” — the unwillingness of the people then running the country to accept responsibility for their own failures, their eagerness to blame others when things went wrong. Later, during the Obama era, it was striking how many critics on the right refused to acknowledge error when their predictions of runaway inflation or the abject failure of Obamacare failed to come true.

They are more delicate than snowflakes, these magnificent protectors of everything moronic.

I’m not entirely sure why this has happened; the degradation probably began decades ago, maybe as early as the Vietnam years. But there’s no question that it has happened. At this point there are no grown-ups left on one side of the political aisle.

I am not surprised they are scared of everything real, they take solace in their lies.

They are scared of the Orange balloon.

They are scared of women

They are scared of “uppity” people of colour.

They will go as far as to take possibly dangerous and unproven drugs to avoid taking something proven by billions of people to be safe.

Yet talk about climate change, they’ll flat out deny it and would shoot it if they could.

These brave warriors are wimps.

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