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It’s refreshing.

An NFL star football player turned down what might have been a once in a lifetime invitation to the White House on Wednesday in order to stand up for his daughters, his son and for what’s right. New England Patriots’ Alan Branch told CNN:

“It’s nothing about the politics; it’s about the person and what he said.” 

Branch was so repulsed by what Trump said in the Access Hollywood tapes  released last October, that he had no desire to even meet this president. Though Trump and his misogynist supporters deemed the tape of overtly abusive and disturbing discourse as “locker room” talk, Branch said during his 10 years of playing in the NFL and also playing college football, he never heard locker room talk so “aggressive and disrespectful.”

“What President Trump said on the bus really struck a nerve with me. I’m a father of three daughters and I have a son as well. I can’t see myself having any type of interest to go see a person who would say those things. I have a baby boy, not even a year old yet. I don’t want him to grow up thinking saying stuff like that is all right at any point in his life.”

“It’s disgusting the way that he talks about women and I just can’t deal with it and that’s why I have no interest in going and shaking his hand. I’ve gotta go back home and look my daughters in the eye, and I don’t want them to view me in a different light just because I did that.

You can read/view the Branch’s interview here.

Who would believe we’d be living in a country where we’d have a man in the Oval Office that is so disgusting, so despicable and so repugnant that athletes would opt out of the honor of going to the White House just to avoid shaking his hand. Yet here we are. Welcome to Donald Trump’s “great” America.

Thank you to Alan Branch, and cheers to all who unabashedly stand up against misogyny, sexual harassment and sexual abuse of any kind — at any point in time. 

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