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There’s not much to say about this, beyond noting that Donald Trump is a petty, pathetic little man who is an embarrassment to this country:

The White House wanted the U.S. Navy to move “out of sight” a warship named for the late Sen. John McCain, a war hero who became a frequent target of President Trump’s ire, ahead of the president’s visit to Japan last week, according to an email reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. […]

A tarp was hung over the ship’s name ahead of the president’s trip, according to photos reviewed by the Journal, and sailors were directed to remove any coverings from the ship that bore its name. After the tarp was taken down, a barge was moved closer to the ship, obscuring its name. Sailors on the ship, who typically wear caps bearing its name, were given the day off during Mr. Trump’s visit, people familiar with the matter said.

Trump is truly a pathetic little man.

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  1. Shame on the navy for covering the name of a great man to please a traitor. Also why are these sailors allowed to wear patches that are not part of code for uniforms. I was a military wife for 16 years and the military was a proud group of men and women. Are they being compromised by trump? Why are they allowing him to change their culture? He needs to be tried and sentenced for his treasonous behavior.

  2. If the Navy is giving in to the petulant little Fuc**r then how can they have the strength to defend our Country-this sickens me, whoever ordered this to appease an asshole who never served and lied out of service should be removed from their position-it IS obvious trumper is a liar about this event, you can’t believe ONE word out of his mouth ever

  3. Trump is a pathetic liar first class. Of course he knew that the name of the ship would be covered up; we all knew several days in advance that it would be. I wasn’t a McCain fan however, he stood way above Trump when it comes to just being human.

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