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Michael Avenatti is a true maestro of the media, mainstream and social. This morning Trump went off the deep end on Twitter reacting to a story in the New York Times about his relationship with his lawyer, Michael Cohen. Trump is depicted as an abusive boss to a doting, desperate to please Cohen. Naturally, fake news and witch hunt featured prominently in Trump’s return tweets and here’s Michael Avenatti’s two cents worth:

Meanwhile, Roger Stone and Sam Nunberg, both quoted by name in the Times piece, are both saying that they don’t know nuttin’ bout who the “drunk/drugged up loser” was that Trump referred to.

No, it couldn’t possibly have been a reference to Stone, who was banned from twitter for one of his drunken, explosive rants not too long ago.

Meanwhile, Michael Avenatti is spearheading a cause celebre and he knows it. Yesterday Michael Cohen was given until Wednesday to file a declaration in U.S. District Court explaining why he should be allowed to invoke the fifth amendment, a privilege which Avenatti points out Cohen has constructively waived by having gone on CNN right after the raid.

Michael Cohen is ground zero in Trump Russia.

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