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Despite repeated pledge, Trump refuses to provide documentation he’s donating salary, hotel profits

Beginning in at least 2015, Donald Trump promised he would forego a salary if he became president. Shortly after the election, Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes and promised he would forego his salary: “Well,...

‘Ides of Trump’ Action Aims to Send More Mail Than White House Can Ignore

A new movement is aiming to mail at least 1 million postcards to President Donald Trump on Wednesday, March 15—historically dubbed "the Ides of March" and known as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated—to show "the man, the media, and the politicians how vast our numbers make it irrefutable that the president's claim of wide support is a farce."

Kellyanne Conway defends wiretapping claim, saying there are ‘microwaves that turn into cameras’

Someone let Kellyanne Conway out of her cage and of course the networks are rushing to get her back on the air so she can peddle her crap. The latest? In defending Donald Trump’s delusional claim that President Barack Obama wiretapped him, Conway said:...

“You Can’t Fire the Rule of Law”: Warren Joins Chorus Blasting US Attorney’s Firing

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was among those raising questions on Sunday over the firing of U.S. attorney Preet Bharara, accusing President Donald Trump of getting rid of Bharara for political reasons and warning him that he won't replace "real prosecutors with cronies without a massive fight."

Steve Bannon under active criminal investigation for… get this… residency fraud.

Courtesy of O’Harrow and Boburg at the Washington Post. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, a white nationalist who has repeatedly pushed false claims of massive voter fraud by minorities voting in jurisdictions where they do not actually live, is...
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Cartoon: Joe Manchin's history of Democracy

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In my own personal experience, red state progressives are amazing badasses. Which is not to say there aren't incredible activists in blue states. But...