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Trump’s tweets expertly tilt the scales of justice against his Muslim ban

Lawyers on the left and right agree: The idiot in chief has really outdone himself with his latest Twitter rant concerning his flailing Muslim ban effort. Not only did he explicitly contradict his own communications team's assertion that the order...

NSA Director Mike Rogers poised to ‘drop a bomb’ on Trump admin during Wednesday testimony

That’s the headline from this article posted @ the Raw story by David Ferguson (with Ari Melber’s video segment @ the link — really worth a look see - imo)| June 4th, 2017

Looks like Comey is getting his Request answered

Careful what you daily ‘scheme for’ Republicans — because your ineptness is showing, day after day, after another Do Nothing day.   What was it that Comey wanted again …? Mueller Investigation Already Expanding by Ed Brayton,...

Comey bad, Putin good, according to North Carolina Republicans

Being a good Republican in this day and age means that you like who Donald Trump likes and his enemies are your enemies. U.S. intelligence is bad, Vladimir Putin is good. McClatchy found that attitude fully on display at the weekend’s North Carolina...

Acting US ambassador to China resigns in protest over Paris Accord decision

David Rank, the acting US ambassador to China has resigned in protest over Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord.
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