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Senate Democrats’ anti-Trumpcare ad will leave you stunned

Just a quick post to let you see the new anti-AHCA put out by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC). Stunning brilliance in thirty seconds, without a single word spoken. Wow.

WATCH: Trump claims he’d never demand loyalty — CNN plays video of him doing just that

It wasn`t difficult for me to sneer at my TV screen as I heard Donald Trump lie as always and claim he`d never demand loyalty. I mean this guy has no shame. It wasn`t difficult for me to see his lie as I recalled how during the Florida Primary...

Trump, with a record of lying under oath, says he will tell us under oath that Comey lied

After a day of silence during James Comey’s devastating three-hour testimony to Congress Thursday, Pr*sident Donald Trump said in a press conference in the Rose Garden Friday that he would “100 percent” testify that Comey had lied under oath. Tara...

After rewriting ethics rules to allow it, Trump stocks his government with lobbyists

If Trump and his fellow Republicans fill the swamp any deeper you'll need to charter a boat to visit the Washington Monument . Federal agencies issued just a handful of waivers exempting political ...

Trump’s lies and Russian propaganda become a potent and inseparable weapon

Donald Trump is no friend of the truth—he's got no mind for details, lies liberally whenever it suits him, is uniquely vulnerable to conspiracy theories and perhaps has no grasp on reality at all.
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Cartoon: Owning the libs

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