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RNC Chair shows that Trump definitely leads the way as she calls for an end to Russia investigation

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel is on to Democrats’ nefarious plan. “The Democrats have a playbook. We know it: It’s resist, obstruct,” she told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “Now it’s, throw doubt on the administration, open as many...

Closed-Door Testimony by Sessions Would Be ‘Gut Punch’ to Democracy and Transparency

"Democracy shouldn't take place behind closed doors," says the ACLU

Ivanka Trump talks vindication and viciousness, and gets both so very wrong

Ivanka Trump is still out there, doing interviews, trying to pretend that she can make her father look good. And on the one hand, things are great! James Comey’s Senate testimony left Donald Trump feeling vindicated. But on the other hand, she is...

Preet Bharara, Dianne Feinstein Say Trump Should Be Investigated On Obstruction Charges Now

Donald Trump is not having a very good weekend.  Former U.S. Attorney and Trump fire-ee, Preet Bharara told George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning that Donald Trump is not immunized from criminal responsibility because of his ability to fire...

Breaking! D.C., Md. attorneys general to sue Trump for violations of emoluments clause

ABOUT TIME.   The Trump White House thinks it’s above the law, that accepting foreign payments via the hotel business is perfectly acceptable, Constitution or no Constitution. Fortunately, the Attorneys General of D.C. and Maryland disagree...
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