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Nixon’s attorney general was prosecuted, resigned over same thing Sessions did.

The New York Times is running an Op-Ed by Richard Painter, the chief White House ethics lawyer from 2005-2007 (under Bush 43). Painter points out that Nixon’s attorney general was forced to resign over misleading testimony, lying to Congress during his...

Is Recusal Necessary? Trump: “I Don’t Think So.” Then Sessions Recuses Himself.

Like his former national security advisor Michale Flynn and despite widespread calls for resignation, president affirms "total confidence" in Attorney General Jeff Sessions

‘Sessions Must Go’: AG Called to Resign After ‘Extremely Misleading’ Testimony

Democratic leaders are calling for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the Washington Post's damning revelation that the former U.S.

Pelosi, Cummings call for Sessions to resign as AG over his lying about contacts with the Russians

Brooke Seipel reports that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is calling on Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions III to resign after it came to light that he spoke to the Russian ambassador to the United States during Donald Trump’s campaign for the...

Podcast: A Trump Show – Justice in the Trump Era

At the Trump Impeachment we are looking for meaningful analysis and opinions on Trump and his effects on society. In our search, we have found “A Trump Show - Justice in the Trump Era”, a podcast by Dennis Trainor Jr.
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Cartoon: One last gotcha (my final comic)

After 18 years and more than 1,600 political cartoons, I’ve decided to retire my weekly comic. This is a decision long in the making,...

Trump Is Pretending To Be President

I can’t believe that I am writing about this again. I warned you that it was going to happen and it has happened. As you...

Palm Beach County prosecutor reveals just how screwed Matt Gaetz really is

This morning on the way to my day job, I happened to check my phone and see an extensive Fox News rundown of the...