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Leader Of The Free World, Angela Merkel, Hints That EU And US No Longer On Same Page

According to German newspaper, Bild, Angela Merkel told a crowd of 2,000 that the US is no longer a an indispensable partner and Europe must fight for its own fate. (Translated from the article) "The times when we could completely rely on...

Jared Kushner is in deep trouble—and his White House enemies are feeling pretty good about that

The Friday news that Trump son-in-law in charge of All The Things, Jared Kushner, sought a secret line of communications with Russian officials that would bypass American intelligence services is ...

One Hundred Eighth Graders Boycott Paul Ryan Photo Op

"It's not just a picture," said one. "It's being associated with a person who puts his party before his country."

Foreign Policy Mag Lays T Word on Jared Kushner: “It’s time to talk about treason.”

Foreign Policy Magazine is touted by the mediabias/factcheck website as being one of the least biased and most reliable sources for news on world affairs. The website says of the magazine’s rating…. “These sources have minimal bias and use very...

As Trump rages over Russia probe, big changes may be coming in the White House

Donald Trump is now back from his foreign trip. It was touch and go for that last bit there, when he was shoving other leaders and making threatening comments about how the rest of NATO owed him lunch money, and when the rest of the G7 leaders went out...
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Cartoon: Liz Cheney: Now she’s done it!

x Vimeo Video Whoever thought a Cheney would be a pillar of principle and democracy? Okay, so she hasn’t always been a pillar, but it is...

Cartoon: The judgment of history

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Cartoon: Defund