A Pennsylvania US Senate candidate’s effort to celebrate Juneteenth on Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform ended in awkwardness when commenters noticed a key word omitted from the final draft.

In a “Truth” posted by Mehmet Oz, better known as TV’s Dr Oz, on Sunday the Republican candidate proclaimed that “[o]ur country is better because of our freedoms, and our unity”.

But Twitter and Truth Social users including left-leaning activist Ron Filipkowski noted that an original draft of the message, which was “truthed” and then deleted, also listed one other virtue to be celebrated on Juneteenth: Equality.

“Our country is better because of our freedoms, our unity, and our equality,” the post originally read.

Here’s some great responses:


The edit to Oz’s post sparked outrage among some Twitter users.

“So tell us why you dropped ‘equality’ from your Juneteenth post on Truth Social??? You’re against equality? What do you think is a black person’s ‘place’ then?” wrote @broadwayterry.

@jaguar_quetzal added: “Did you run this Tweet past your GOP masters to make sure they weren’t offended by anything like the word, ‘equality,’ in your Juneteenth tweet, or were you a bwave widdle boy and just went ahead without checking in?”

“Dr. Oz takes out ‘equality’ from Juneteenth as a shout out to his white supremacists,” added @BlueDash12.

Also, here’s another example this week of Oz being exposed as a fraud:

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee in Pennsylvania’s crucial U.S. Senate race, has repeatedly criticized pharmaceutical companies blamed for the rising cost of insulin — but his recent financial disclosure shows that he has invested up to $715,000 in exactly those companies.

Prior to announcing his Senate bid, Oz repeatedly railed about the rising cost of diabetes treatment, lamenting in a Newsmax op-ed that the cost of insulin had more than tripled over the past decade.

“Globally, three companies dominate the insulin market, and all of them have raised their prices dramatically. In 1996, the original price of Humalog was $21 a vial; it is now $275,” he wrote in a joint op-ed with Dr. Mike Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.

The rising cost is “forcing many people to reduce their life-saving use of insulin,” the authors warned, citing a study that found that a quarter of diabetic patients had to ration doses because of the cost. “Interestingly, very few of the patients surveyed were uninsured, but their out-of-pocket costs were still prohibitively high, and so were their blood sugar levels,” they wrote.

Oz’s flip flopping has exposed how much of a fraud he truly is:

For years, millions of viewers tuned in to Oz’s Oprah-boosted daytime talk show for a medical expert’s take on the issues of the day. But now, the issues of the day appear to have the upper hand, as Oz abandons his previous medical opinions for right-wing political appeal.

Daniel Summers, a Boston-area pediatrician and writer, pointed to Oz’s slow but steady descent into quackery as his fame increased, adding that this thirst for attention has only sharpened with his Senate run.

“Throughout his career in the public eye, Oz has shown a distressing willingness to say or do things he knows aren’t backed by medical science in service to his own fame,” Summers told The Daily Beast, citing Oz’s promos for snake-oil supplements and unproven COVID treatments.

“It’s only going to get worse as he tries to entice people to vote for him,” Summers continued. “Medical facts will take a backseat to whatever he thinks he’ll need to say to win. The hard-won credibility his expertise as a surgeon got him has been sold cheap for the favor of voters who’d rather be told what they want to hear than what science actually says.”

Since announcing his Senate bid last November, Oz has walked back previous positions on a number of health-related matters, including gun control, abortion, transgender acceptance issues, and euthanasia—all of which he was for, and is now against.

That might explain why he’s trailing in the polls:

Pennsylvania Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has a nine-point lead over Republican Mehmet Oz in the state’s hotly-contested Senate race, according to a recently-released Suffolk University/USA TODAY Network poll.

The survey showed Fetterman with 46 percent support among likely voters in the Keystone State, while Oz stood at 37 percent; thirteen percent of respondents were undecided.

In the poll, voters from each political party were largely lined up behind both of their respective nominees; Fetterman attracted the support of 82 percent of Democrats, while Oz won the support of 76 percent of Republicans.

However, Fetterman is currently doing a better job of holding onto his base, as only six percent of Democrats cross over to back Oz, while ten percent of Republicans say they’ll vote for Fetterman.

Fetterman also boasts a wide lead with independent voters in the poll, winning a 44 percent plurality, compared to Oz’s 24 percent with this group. In the survey, 24 percent of independents said they were undecided.

At the moment, Fetterman is on positive ground with Pennsylvania voters with a 45 percent favorable rating, compared to 27 percent who view him unfavorably. Oz’s current unfavorable rating stands at 50 percent, while 28 percent view him favorably.

FYI, this is how you do an effective Juneteenth message:


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