Just in case you were wondering when President Biden was going to get around to addressing some of the issues that we’d hoped would be addressed on day one, such as family reunification, The Hill has an article up today indicating that the White House is doing the executive orders in batches, the first 17 today, and at least 53 in total, over Biden’s first two weeks.

The plan is:

Jan. 21 —  Theme: the Pandemic — “review the supply chain ahead of any use of the Defense Production Act and to implement public health measures on public transportation, airplanes and trains.”

Jan. 22 — Theme: Economic Relief — “direct agencies to take action on Medicaid, Pell grants and unemployment insurance” and “restore collective bargaining rights to federal employees and initiate a rollback of a Trump administration rule on Schedule F.”

Jan. 23 — Theme: ‘Buy American’ — direct federal agencies to use American suppliers.

Jan. 26 — Theme:  Equity —  “establishing a policing commission and reinstating Obama administration policies that regulate the transfer of military-style equipment to local police departments.”

Jan. 27 — Theme: Climate — “plans for a U.S.-hosted climate leaders summit to take place on April 22” and “an order calling for ‘science and evidence based decision-making’ across federal agencies.”

Jan. 28 — Theme: Health Care — “rescind the Mexico City policy that blocks the U.S. from giving federal funding to international groups that provide or promote abortion services.”

Jan. 29 — Theme: Immigration —  “direct a review of the public charge rule and create a task force to reunify families separated during the Trump administration.”

Feb. 1 — Theme: Jobs —  provide support for workforce recruiting and retention

Feb. 2 — Theme:  Counterterrorism —  “initiating a review of counterterrorism operations that also reinstates the policy of closing Guantanamo Bay prison.”

The article states that many of the specifics are still being ironed out, particularly for the February dates, so it might up being even more orders in the long run.

Anyway, thought I’d share this because I’d seen a few people asking when the Mexico City policy was being reversed and when they were going to jump on family reunification. So much good news and good vibes on this day that I don’t want people to worry that there isn’t more on the way!

Daily Kos

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