‘Outrage Spiking’: Federal Workers Occupy Senate Building With 33

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Washington Post / YouTube

Protesting the widespread economic hardship caused by the ongoing shutdown and demanding that the Senate vote to reopen the government, federal workers and their allies gathered inside the Hart Senate Office Building on Wednesday for a 33-minute silent demonstration—one minute for every day the government has been partially closed over President Donald Trump’s demand for border wall funding.

“The protest happening right now in the Senate office building is just the start,” declared MoveOn.org’s Ben Wikler. “Public outrage is spiking. GOP senators are feeling the pressure.”

The union-organized demonstration comes as the Senate is set to vote Thursday on two competing measures to reopen the government—a Trump-backed bill that would fund the border wall and a Democratic continuing resolution with no wall money.




After the silence ended, workers led chants of, “No more food banks! Feds need paychecks!”

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Michael owens
Michael owens

As an Australian, im ignorant of the political differences that exist between our two governments. However as ive followed the Orange buffoon in the WH, from the start.. Why Why Why is the retarded prick!!, still in power!!.. ffs.. impeach, sack, terminate or otherwise get rid of the bum…this Idiot is interferring with our economy and the economies of our neighbours in south east asia and the pacific rim countries. F@@k him off before he destroys your countries economy and divides your people… good luck mate✌️