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My husband sent me this.  He’s mentioned this guy before but the previous example of “Mangy Fetlocks’” work that I saw was nothing to write home about.  This one, however, is a whole ‘nuther ball game.  I’m going to paste the lyrics of the song here so that everyone can see what I’m talking about:

Old Wayne Lapierre, with his nose in the air

calls for another bottle of champagne

anything less he views with great disdain.

It goes without saying

that the NRA is paying.

In his silken suit, Lapierre don’t give a hoot

just what the price may be.

Long as members keep on payin’

Lapierre will keep on playin’

in perpetuity.

and Wayne’s singing….

Out-of-touch liberals

out of my way!

You’re not ‘common folk’ like me.

They pay me freakin’ millions

but the gullible civilians

think I’m selling liberty.

Laura Ingraham is sly, don’t know how she gets by

on just a quarter million bucks a week.

Clearly, life for her is bleak.

It’s a struggle I am sure

but I think she will endure.

With a TV show, everybody gets to know

the hateful stuff she thinks of every day.

If advertisers hold her dear, contract goes another year,

so we get to hear her say…

Out-of-touch liberals

out of my way!

You’re not ‘common folk’ like me.

My salary is massive. I despise the middle class if

they don’t see things just like me.

Now we’re talking about Tucker,

that creepy little sucker

who was born holding a silver fork.

Said he doesn’t need to work,  

but for what he’s getting paid

he’d be nuts unless he stayed.

He’s spoiled, rich, and a whiny lil bitch

with a voice that irritates to hear.

He gets paid ‘cause he pretends

it’s the small man he defends.

‘Tween the lines, his message seems quite clear

Out-of-touch liberals

wanna tell you what to do,

but they’re not ‘common folk’ like me.

Though I am a one percent-er,

my privilege don’t ever

alter my humility.  

Don’t it seem strange

how things never change.

People are as dumb as sheep.

Almost leaves a guy to weep.Tell ‘em you’re their hero,

they will question zero.

Folks with nothin’ always seem to gravitate

to the lies of those with dough.

Other people warn ‘em that those rich bastards scorn ‘em.

but they’re not convinced it’s so.

They’re brainwashed…Out-of-touch liberals ruined their lives, but

rich folks gonna make it great.

What a lie to tell ‘em

package up and sell ‘em,

then have them proliferate.                      

copyright 2021, Bruce W. Nelson

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