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The line from Republican fascism and authoritarianism to never Trump patriotism is a broad long line.  It’s not a digital, either you’re a fascist or you’re a never Trump country over party constitution understanding patriot.

The movement to Trump authoritarianism wasn’t a sudden event that happened on a day in Nov. 2016, it’s been happening for many years, even decades.  Some would say it started when Newt Gingrich viewed the rules of the House as not as a guide to civil debate for political parties with different views, but rather as a weapon to be used against the opposition in order to gain absolute power.  Others would say it started when Republicans began rigging our election system, like when Jeb Bush purged massive numbers of voters from the Florida voter lists so his brother could become the 2nd dumbest president ever.

I would argue that there has always been a substantial part of our population who are not rational enough to distinguish between fascism and democracy and could easily tilt to authoritarianism if propagandized enough.  Throughout our history they have been spread out and disorganized.  But now, a group of Oligarchs and Republican politicians have used modern technology to weaponize propaganda like never before and have been able to organize those who could fall into the trap of fascism into a single political movement we call the Republican party.

Not all long time Republicans have bought into this open fascism that the Republican cult is now expressing, and they are speaking out.  I have my concerns that some of the never Trumpers are more worried about losing elections because of Trump, rather than the vile anti-democracy beliefs Trump is pushing.  But several are speaking out loud and strong over what the Republican cult is doing to our democracy.  Yesterday it was Steve Schmidt’s turn to show what a true patriot is.

Repudiation of Trumpism. Fire is part of the natural life cycle of the forest. It destroys the forest but also purifies and renews it so that the cycle of life can begin again. So it must be for the Trump-Republican party.  Only through repudiation and defeat can it be renewed 2.

The corrupted, rotten and complicit Republican majority that is abetting this Presidents damage to our institutions, national security and domestic tranquility must face electoral anhialation.  A massive coalition of Democrats, independent and appalled Republicans must come 3

Together to deliver a message to the world that the American people will defend our Republic and the inheritance bequeathed to us by previous generations. A righteous anger is building in this country and it must be channeled in to the 2018 elections. Enough.  Defeat them all

I am hoping that we will have a chance to scream at Steve Schmidt over our policy differences one day soon.  But at a true turning point in our history, we can be sure that Steve Schmidt may differ with us over policy, but he loves the freedom of democracy as much as we do.

But before I slobber unlimited praise all over the never Trumpers, I want to make one other thing clear.  The anger that many never Trumpers are now expressing over the Republican rise of their underlying fascist tendencies, has been understood by most people here and most Democrats for a loooong time.  In fact, it’s the very reason that many Democrats ARE Democrats.  The never Trumpers, the non voters, and the 3rd party purists, are just now coming around to understand something most of us here have been fighting against for most of our lives.  We welcome all to join an historic fight to save and rebuild our democracy.


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