I just need to say this somewhere.

Politicians are a problem, but not the problem.

Question: Why do we keep electing politicians who vote against “80/20” issues if the “80/20” issue is a priority?

Question: Why do we keep electing officials that support and endorse their own party members that don’t support 80/20 issues?  Those incumbents don’t have to be re-elected. But we choose to not only re-elect them, but support them as leaders of each party?

Question: If children dying is a critical issue, why do people tweet & shout vs boycott/strike/protest?  People protest outside of SCOTUS homes for critical issues, appropriately, but no one has gone to their homes the last 25 years as they have continued to overturn rational local gun laws?  It’s clearly not THAT important!

Question:  Why do we say “Republicans and Democrats” are fearful of the NRA vs saying they agree with the NRA?  What evidence do we have of this that the elected Republican Party as a whole, the ones that put guns in every ad, are in lockstep with the NRA agenda?


The issue isn’t just political, it’s personal. It’s us.  We choose to live with this.  We choose to back down at the first engagement…

-Don’t boycott if there is a governors race, don’t protest if it may be used in an ad

-Don’t put ads on tv that may be viewed as controversial or limit donation—(why isn’t Jimmy Kimmel’s presentation last night a simple ad any Democrat or superpac could run nationwide)

-Don’t use this or that slogan

-Don’t pursue justice if it means we can’t go home for the weekend or holiday

-Don’t do this or that because certain consultants that haven’t won a election in 20 years think it could turn off a few voters in the diner they go to when they visit their families in rural America

Will citizens start voting for Democrats that commit to DO…why aren’t their NRA-type ratings that go beyond votes for gun safety…why do certain Democrats fight kids who march and activists more than they fight Republicans?

I know what you may be saying. “Don’t blame me, I vote for the Democrats in my district and state every year”…

I believe you. But maybe that’s the problem. Are you voting for the right Democrat?  Are you voting for the Democrat that accepts the status quo, the one that undermines the Democratic message, the one that spends more time highlighting the goodness of their Republican colleagues than justice or the needs of their Constituents? (Yes, Manchin and Sinema may be your first thought, but have you considered that Chris Coons for example is just as guilty?)

Why would we expect anything to change if this is our behavior, much less politicians?  Politicians are simply reflections of the citizens that vote for them. Yes, gerrymandering creates moves from the center, but that goes both ways and doesn’t change the fact that politicians are representative of the collective priorities of the nation.  And until the nations priorities change, why would we expect politicians priorities to change? 

The only question I have is who is willing to change their behavior even it means breaking a few eggs inside and outside of the house.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

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