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We are going to do our best to be your one-stop shop on impeachment related developments, with updates and analysis. That being said, this is going to be torturous, like listening to nails scrape down a chalkboard, then turning on the laptop and describing the nails on the chalkboard.

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Morning shocker! Not.

One day after the Senate voted unanimously to call for release of the Whistleblower complaint, and one day after the White House promised to release the complaint, we hear … “maybe not.”


We don’t let people accused of wrongdoing pick and choose how much of the wrongdoing sees the light of day.

We knew this was coming, it is still just galling to see it. Their message: “Trust us!” I suspect I need not dwell upon the answer required. The only question might be the lengths to which the House and Senate must go to yank the entire complaint out of the White House’s trembling hands.


The sycophants within the White House have clearly determined that the sycophants outside the White House will take the initial fall. The Washington Post brings us this nugget.

Trump’s closest advisers, including acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who was ordered by Trump to suspend the aid to Ukraine, are also increasingly targets of internal finger-pointing. Mulvaney has agitated for foreign aid to be cut universally but has also stayed away from meetings with Giuliani and Trump, officials said. But the person who appears to have been more directly involved at nearly every stage of the entanglement with Ukraine is Giuliani.

“Rudy — he did all of this,” one U.S. official said. “This s—show that we’re in — it’s him injecting himself into the process.”

To believe “Rudy – He did all of this,” you have to believe that Trump is a hands-off kind of leader, a confident leader who trusts in staff to do their work, and never inserts himself, never micromanages, never seeks to control each detail. Anyone believing Trump is such a confident and trusting leader has no right to form an opinion on this matter.

Regardless, the point is that the White House has decided that they are going to toss Rudy under the van, to shield Trump. Trump may go down, but it seems they’re determined to take everyone else down, first.

Anyway, Rudy is delivering. He weaseled his way into what he believed would be friendly territory, Fox and Friends, only to find it not as comfortable as he anticipated. Rudy first pushed back on the “shitshow” comment above, and in his pushback, Rudy essentially copped to a felony:

Giuliani responded to this by calling all of these officials “disloyal.” Rudy also insisted at one point during the interview that the State Department should be “grateful” that he inserted himself into diplomacy because otherwise no one would have pushed Ukraine to investigate Biden.

Down goes Rudy.

But Rudy had some serious insanity to offer up as to why he needed to jumpstart Ukraine’s investigation. According to Rudy, the Democratic plotted to take over the world:

Giuliani insisted that there was nothing wrong with Trump asking Zelensky to investigate Biden because there was a vast conspiracy to frame Trump that originated in Ukraine that included Biden, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Part of this conspiracy, Giuliani claimed, was falsifying documents in order to frame former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who is serving a seven-year prison sentence for money laundering, witness tampering, and assorted other charges.

Wow, a twofer. Rudy implicated both Biden and Hillary, the MAGA head favorite fetish, while also laying the groundwork to declare future evidence as “falsified” because … we’re not sure why Ukraine would falsify evidence against a two-bit campaign chairman. I suppose Rudy doesn’t know, either, yet, but will when he needs to!

This is insanity. But, it wasn’t over. The interview couldn’t possibly be over without Rudy admitting to a second felony.

Giuliani insisted that the president didn’t say anything wrong before revealing that he’d had the entire transcript of the conversation, which is supposed to be classified information, read aloud to him. This is particularly eyebrow raising because Giuliani is not a government official and is instead serving as the president’s personal attorney.

I am really sick of hearing “the president can declassify whatever he wants,” because everything Trump releases seems linked to helping him personally, while he withholds all the information that could hurt him personally. Getting the feeling that everything is about Trump “personally”?

Ask yourself this; How many times did we hear about President Obama declassifying material? I cannot recall one instance. The ability to declassify material went from a non-issue in one presidency to “the issue” in another.

It is the morning of official Day One.

This afternoon, we’ll have the “transcript” released, and we’re already told that it isn’t “as bad” as we might anticipate.


We know it isn’t “that bad” or it wouldn’t even be released at this point. We know what contains the “bad stuff.”  See the first thing references above, the White House wants to issue a “redacted” version of the complaint.

That’s the one that is bad.

Last, our snowflake in the White House is “concerned” because we are treating him so rudely.

One of the best responses I have seen is a tweet that states: “Imagine having a woman president who woke up every morning to tweet whines out to the world about how unfair everyone had been, how poorly she’d been treated. All while attacking the other side. She would be called a shrill bitch, weak, unfit for the presidency.”

The point may be entirely irrelevant.

After all, I am trying to imagine any other MAN doing what Trump does. No one else could get away with it. Trump gets away with it because he has conditioned his people into accepting his words and views without question. Trump could tweet in tongues and they’d call it blessed.

But, we do understand, yes, it would be infinitely worse for a woman. It is inconceivable to think a woman could pull the same act. It puts his schtick in the most concrete light.

The tweetstorm contained all kinds of wailing and gnashing of teeth, orange skin steaming off in autumn sun, not worth our time here.

Stay tuned, and stay here for developments and commentary, in articles and your input below. Let’s discuss things as they move along. We value each of you.


Peace, y’all

Jason, and on Twitter @MiciakZoom



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  1. No s—t this is hard to follow! But I’m DOWN for the ride! Let’s GET THIS PARTY STARTED! THIS’ll make Watergate and Nixon look like little league!

  2. Yep Rudy is in deep doo doo ????. And if he thinks trump won’t park a greyhound on him he’s farther gone than we think. And yes trump isn’t willingly going to release anything that will hurt trump. So you can pretty much forget the complaint without some out side agency going after it. But the whistle blower is willing to testify. They should immediately talk to him about a deal. Wouldn’t want him to get the greyhound treatment for real. And believe me trump probably at least thinking about that one.


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