Only Trump can take something politically safe and sound, and turn it potentially suicidal.

The funny thing is, I perfectly “get” where Trump is coming from. And no, not  because I’ve spent the last four years living in his racist, worm infested mind, but because what he was thinking is actually a rather time honored, safe, and politically wise tactic. But one needs to remember that Traitor Tot could fuck up a one car funeral, so the result isn’t surprising.

Trump’s goal was simple. Trump won in 2016 not by being more popular and well liked than Hillary Clinton, but by making Hillary Clinton even more deplorable and unpopular than himself. And he is going to have to do the same thing in 2020. Donald Juan Trump is the only President in history that could run for reelection unopposed, and lose the popular vote by write in ballots for Mickey Mouse.

And lo and behold, in The Squad, freshman congresswomen Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, and Tlaib, Trump had his golden goose. They are perfect foils for him, they are young, loud, and photogenic. They also hold extreme liberal positions, so he could paint them as the rising “face” of the Democratic party, even more dangerous and toxic to independent and moderate Democrats than his own sexist, racist, Xenophobic self. That was the plan.

And these were friends with benefits to boot. The Squad was already fighting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over ideological differences. By painting them as the up and coming force of the Democratic party, he could force more moderate Democratic incumbents, especially newly elected incumbents in swing House districts, to fight with The Squad while they were fighting with Pelosi. All of which would grind the Democratic House agenda to a halt, while making the caucus look disorganized and unable to govern, the one thing they promised their constituents they could do.

Trump actually started out on target, and on message. He hammered The Green New Deal, making it sound like the official policy of the Democratic party, and decrying the impending loss of manufacturing jobs and increasing energy costs. He scarified everybody with insurance, especially union members with the potential loss of their “Cadillac” healthcare plans if these radical Democrats pushed through their “socialist” Medicare-for-all plan. And he gleefully pointed out that The Squad was bringing the Democratic legislative agenda to a grinding halt.

But then, being first in all things Trump, he had to go and make it about himself. Reporter Sahil Kapur put it perfectly on MSNBC yesterday when he said, “Donald Trump walked into the middle of a Democratic party circular firing squad, and he trained all of their weapons on him.” And he’s right. Trump did the one thing that the Democrats couldn’t do for themselves, he unified them. With their enemies and against him.

Because Plan A wasn’t working. Not for his base. His  core base of slobbering pointy heads absolutely, viscerally hate these women. They hate them for being young, they hate them for being influential, they hate them for being women of color, and they hate two of them for being Muslims. And Trump’s rhetoric about socialist healthcare and environmental collapse just wasn’t stroking their woodies. So Trump had to make it personal, he had to make it racial, and he had to make it religious. Because the beast must be fed. And as the rally in North Carolina Wednesday night showed, now that his frenzied mob has the bit well and truly between their teeth, there is no reining in the horse now. And Trump has no interest in trying.

Trump has already lost this war. Not only has he lost it, but he has almost alchemistically turned what should have been a political asset into a potentially hazardous political liability. The Democrats are now firmly aligned behind The Squad, whatever differences they have will be kept well behind The Wizard’s curtain, in order to present a unified front against Trump’s racism. And having Democratic Senators running for President opine to the media that they fear for congresswoman Omar’s safety, and that she may need physical protection only serves as a grim reminder that the horrors of Charlottesville could be revisited on a young Muslim woman solely die to the sitting President’s big, fat, racist mouth.

More damaging politically, only Dipshit Donnie could manage to find a way to vilify opponents into becoming sympathetic figures. Trump’s objective was to use these women’s :extreme” political views to make them unpalatable to independent and soft Democratic voters. Instead, whether they agree with their positions or not, those voters will now likely align behind The Squad. They will stand behind them to reaffirm their humanity, their respect, and their inclusion as United States citizens. And one can only wonder if every petite, dark skinned Muslim woman wearing a hijab doesn’t walk down the street with a slight itch between her shoulders, fearful that one of Trump’s MAGA maggots might not mistake her for congresswoman Omar, and exact vengeance on behalf of Glorious Bleater. I honestly don’t believe I’m the only one thinking that, and it matters. And will matter down the road, every time this subject ir resurrected on the campaign trail.

This is the problem with being a cult member. Sooner or later, The Cheeto Prophet is going to pour out the Kool Ade. And these simpletons not only drank it, they all took a turn stirring the pitcher. They’re pathetic.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Sorry but ‘unified democrats’ is an oxymoron.


Agreed plus they’ve been backing trump’s worst policies, ever wonder why these detention centers arent closed? I’ll give you a hint follow the money

David Bishop
David Bishop

Truer words have never been spoken.