I do not know what happened to my previously normal state of Michigan,

From the militias that always seem to make big news, to the biggest news trying to kidnap and assassinate  our governor, to the anti-vaxxer crowd to the school in Lansing that was diaried yesterday and made the rec list about wearing masks being against G-d’s will.

Now this is floating around the Net. It is located downriver of Detroit, a very different region from non-Downriver. It is primarily a Hillbilly heaven, very blue collar and it is not a very welcome area for Jews, gays, African Americans, etc., but there of course are pockets of blue folks down there. I hate to write about a whole region of an area, But downriver is downriver. . People from downriver rarely come to the northern suburbs, and vice versa. 

PLEASE NOTE: I mean no disrespect against the entire downriver community. As I mentioned above I know there are pockets of blue. Throughout my time here on DK I am one who gets a bad taste in my mouth when people talk poorly about a whole state (Texas, etc.) because of the majority of the folks being red. I made a poor word choice, and should have emphasized I was talking about the whole state of MI going wacky, and not just meant to focus in on one area. Obviously the entire state has many, many blue folk, as does downriver. Due to my bad writing I overgeneralized to misrepresent the whole area I take full responsibility if I came across that way. I meant to highlight idiots across the state, not make a whole region into a den of redness.

I just thought that this sign so epitomizes the anti-vaxxer crowd it must be shared.

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2021 · 1:49:08 AM +00:00 · CameronProf

I wrote this diary to highlight the vast emptiness that goes into the anti-vaxxer, I have nothing against my Trans brothers and Sisters, far from it.

As to being an “Oakland County Elitist” I am far from an elitist, of any county. I tried my best to state that there are many blue people in the downriver area, etc. If you were offended by the diary and my overbroad strokes towards downriver I am very, very sorry it was not my intent. I brought up other examples of extreme behavior by people across our state and did not mean to imply that downriver is just made of insipid folks.

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