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When I read the news about the fake presidential seal displayed on the video screen of a Turning Point USA event idolizing trump, I went to youtube to watch a video of the opening minutes of the event.

The genuine presidential seal was centered in the middle of the screen. The fake seal was off to the left of the screen from the audience’s POV.

Familiar with graphic design, it was clear to me this was no mistake but something added with intent.

Design-wise, there’s no reason to add a second image of the seal off to the side when the genuine seal is centered in the middle of the screen.

The official excuse was someone on the A/V team was rushed and simply put up the wrong image accidentally.

I did not buy it.

It doesn’t wash because they already had the correct image and if they wanted to duplicate that image all they had to do was use the same digital file – they didn’t need to search for another image.

The Washington Post has reported an update indicating the person responsible for displaying the fake seal has been fired.

Yet it raises the question:

Who originally designed this pictorial condemnation of the White House Occupant?

Designer: OneTermDonnie inktale.com/…

It’s really well done — so well done that it fooled White House staffers who are supposed to review everything displayed at one of the Occupant’s events.

When you look closely at the design you can see:

The double-headed eagle is from Russia’s coat of arms.

There’s a set of golf clubs in one of the eagle’s claws.

There’s money grasped in the other eagle’s claw.

A set of Russian hammer/sickle emblems replaces the stars on the flag chevron between the eagle’s wings.

And best of all, instead of “E pluribus unum” on the banner above the eagle’s head, it reads:

“45 es un títere,” Spanish for “45 is a puppet.”  

Spin.com tracked down the original designer: OneTermDonnie

“Although no one is sure who managed to get the image past event staff, the doctored seal resembles merchandise sold by an artist with the handle “OneTermDonnie.” SPIN reached out to the artist to ask if this was in fact their design and if they knew how the fake seal ended up getting used during a presidential photo op. We’ll update if we hear back.

If you want to support the artist, you can buy items imprinted with the seal designed by OneTermDonnie here:


Here’s a larger, clearer image on twitter:



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    • Don’t be surprised if Trump himself starts selling them, remember this is the man who is indirectly profiting off of caged children in concentration camps.

  1. I needed something new for church, so I got the t-shirt. I sit in the front row center, kneel a lot ’cause of sinning ‘n sh##.

    .,That “double eagle “ was worn by the last monarch of Russia, “Romanov “before he was assonated, in 1917 . It’s why he and his family
    were assonated . A cruel regime. Replaced by a (far worse )regime .
    …It symbolized the dual “Roman Empire”.
    ….It’s an “extreme tie “to Russia. Don’t let anyone tell us Trump and his trash , we’re not aware of it . Deliberately calculated
    to confuse the Americans and send
    ….a message to Russia , from Trump,
    that he ( Trump ), still has their back , and the plan is still in place .
    …At the same time it (didn’t )stop him ,from giving the “whites only “hand signal , to the children, ,that his fellow travelers look for when Trump speaks , and why the Russians say the Americans are stupid!!
    …It’s all there , the “in plain sight “ code to Russia. You can bet if a politician in Russia
    ever , ever , said those things to a group
    in any Soviet block country , they would have
    been “shot before sunset”
    …It’s an example of Trumps arrogance about his control of his base. .
    ..Trump must be impeached now !!!

  3. That is some sad crazy shit -can this country get any lower and yes I believe it can -each day that trump is supported by the ignorant crazy “base” we sink to new depths…why do people support a LIAR and a CON man?? Trump will get what he deserves and it will happen as trump is bringing it on himself…it’s a matter of time


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