One woman fleeced MAGA fanatics of over $150k—with her phone and their racism

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@chckpeas / Twitter

How do you get money out of people? The traditional con artist knows that there are two things one must do: find out what people desire and offer it to them and have confidence in your approach. A young woman, using the Twitter handle @chckpeas, appears to have executed a perfect plot to get money out of the single most gullible population in the United States of America—the MAGA fanatics!

There are millions of these suckers, so you just have to find something that a few thousand (or maybe even a few million) of them want, and give it to them. One thing that many God-fearing MAGAheads want is absolution. They don’t seem to like being called “racist” over and over again. Some of them even claim to have a black friend … or acquaintance … or a guy they worked with who might be black. Either way, just because they vote for a man who is openly racist, who says racist things, who supports racist policies, and is generally agreed to have always been a racist, doesn’t mean they’re racist!

The young woman, currently calling herself “reformed Republican” on Twitter, alleges that she saw this niche market and decided to see what she could squeeze out of these Trump supporters. According to Elle, she took some photos in the mirror with a MAGA hat that she had found on the street outside, and then came up with her story, with some well-chosen hashtags.

Like moths to a flame, MAGAheads came running to support this poor young woman being treated like a pariah by the PC police. So the “reformed Republican” took things to the next level, testing the gullibility of the MAGAnation.

The replies to her Tweet consisted of a lot of black folks laughing about how this seemed to be an obvious scam. But, since MAGA supporters don’t believe black people when they are telling them the truth …

Needless to say, @chckpeas seems to have done very well for herself, reportedly pulling in around $150,000. She told Elle magazine that she wasn’t exactly serious when she sent out the first Tweet.

While this is certainly the scam of the year, according to the woman, it started as a joke. “I saw that other black girl that posted about being a black Trump supporter,” she said, “and I wanted to make fun of her.”

“[The Republican Party] needs black faces,” the Twitter prankster reasoned, “so they throw money at any black person that says they support Trump so that people stop thinking of them as the ‘racist party.’ But it’s never going to happen.” Who needs coffee to wake up when there’s tea this hot?

“They also fail to realize that they don’t have to outwardly hate black people to be racist, because they still create policies and laws that keep black people poor and unsupported. Especially the three strikes law that they love to uphold, and it does nothing but send poor black and brown people to jail for the rest of their lives. But we’re supposed to ignore that and say that suddenly they’re not racist because they paid a black girl’s tuition? It’s laughable.”

Subsequently, she dropped this bomb.

Since then she has taunted and trolled the many racist angry MAGA folks trying to figure a way to get her back. She’s an artist.


I guess when Donald Trump and the old white men of the Republican Party do it, it’s just … MAGA.

As for the devastated Trump supporters? Don’t worry, folks. Trump’s fleeced you for way more than $150,000, and you actually are helping a young woman through college, which you normally wouldn’t do.

According to Buzzfeed, a commenter points out, the money has been refunded by GoFundMe. I think the joy was worth it.

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