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You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m not used to this, nothing in my life experience has prepared me for it. As a proud, lifelong bleeding heart, I’m used to Democrats  being the ones crying, No fair! You cheated!, while the Republicans laugh, knock our books out of our hands, and give us wedgies. Hearing the GOP suddenly complaining about the Democrats stealing an election isn’t something in my oeuvre.

And nowhere is this insane Trumper tantrum pissy fit more prevalent than in the great state of Georgia. Losing Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania stung, no doubt, but they weren’t really his to start with. Losing Arizona sucked, but
Trump only won there narrowly in 2016. But losing deep red Georgia, where he cruised in 2016, really sticks in his craw. So of course, the only possible solution was that the election was stolen by the Democrats.

Which is patently ridiculous. If Florida became known as the NRA’s petri dish for experimenting with insane gun legislation before taking it nationwide, then Georgia has long been the RNC’s petri dish for experimenting with creative ways of voter suppression. A state government firmly in the grasp and control of the GOP, not normally thought of as anything approaching a swing state, and a plentiful black and minority population to experiment on made it a natural. When it comes to elections, the Democrats couldn’t steal hubcaps in Georgia.

One example will suffice. In 2016, Secretary of State Brian Kemp found himself in a helluva campaign against Stacey Abrams. Pretty much everybody in Georgia, as well as nationwide not named Kemp pushed for him to resign as the SoS, so that he wasn’t controlling an election he was running in. Kemp did the opposite. Late in the game, too late to do anything about it, he suddenly purged 65,000 largely African American voters from the state’s voting rolls, and won the election by just about 50,000 votes. So what did Stacey Abrams do? She put on her grassroots activist hat, and spent the next two years registering more than 800,000 new voters, mostly minority, which gave Biden his winning edge.

But there was one more factor that helped to turn the tide, with no outside pandering required. The debacle of the early voting states trying to hold primaries in the middle of a pandemic made it clear that all states, even deep red ones, were going to have to expand the use of mail in, and early in person voting for the election. This was sunlight to the GOP’s Dracula, after all, all of their aims were directed to the exact opposite direction, to make voting harder! Democrats and minority voters took fulsome advantage of mail in balloting in Georgia.

So, the Democrats in Georgia already know that there was no rampant voter fraud, and for one simple reason. Because they fucking won! For generations, African American voters in Georgia have looked at voting as a civic act of futility, and in 2020, they finally got a taste of what legitimate electoral power tastes like, and it tastes like filet mignon. With Cristal Brut ’59. And because of their efforts, they get another chance to taste it on January 5th.

I gotta be honest. These days, I’m having more fun than the original barrel that all of those monkeys came in. The GOP’s response to the Georgia loss, from Trump on down has been a self destructive dogs breakfast. His Lowness is calling his own ass kissing Governor, as well as the much more independent Secretary of State, enemies of the people, for not taking care of the rampant voter fraud. A Trump lawyer, along with another defrocked Trump lawyer, held a rally in Georgia, in which they extorted the faithful to impose a purity test. If Perdue and Loeffler don’t raise their voices daily to demand that turncoat Governor Kemp call the Georgia legislature into a special session to overturn the election results. then they weren’t worth of their votes. Especially since the election was already rigged anyway.

It only gets worse. Human colonoscopy test Mike Pence is due in Georgia tomorrow. A couple of weeks before the election, he showed up in Georgia to rally the faithful, and right off of the bat, he begged the Trombies to avail themselves of the benefits of mail in voting. He was almost booed off of the stage. Since Pence’s name no longer appears next to Trump’s at the top of Trump’s endless con job donation e-mails, it will be interesting to see just how much Pence’s heart is in that rally.

And the damage appears to already have been done, at least in part. Last week, RNC Chair and Trump fluffer Ronna Romney McDaniel went to Georgia to steel the faithful in a town hall setting. She was hardly in her seat when she was assaulted with questions about the stolen election. She said that she hadn’t yet seen that evidence, and couldn’t give them an answer until she had reviewed it. Then she literally begged them to show up to vote, to save the Senate, and was shouted down with angry cries of, Why? Why show up to vote when the election is already decided? McDaniels angrily insisted that nothing was decided, and voting was critical, but it didn’t sound like she had many converts.

This has never been more critical. If the GOP retains one seat, then McConnell remains a shadow power, with pretty much veto power over anything Biden wants to do. If the Democrats sweep, then Schumer opens the legislative session by finally torpedoing the filibuster, and the Democrats accomplish as much as Pelosi and Schumer can hold their caucuses together to get done. And in the critical state, the GOP is busy eating their young.

If I had one piece of advice for Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock, it would be this. Ignore the bullshit. Let the GOP own the rigged election bullshit, they’re doing more damage to themselves than you could ever do to them. Hammer the blatant, fundamental corruption of both Perdue and Loeffler with their stock trades, something the people are sick of. And then talk to your constituents. Keep it simple, and real. Talk Covid relief for everybody. Investment in minority communities to help to recover from the pandemic’s horrendous damage, and a return to ethical government. In the words of Chris Matthews, Dance with the one who brung ya. African Americans and minorities are the ones who tipped the balance, so don’t forget it! Tailor your message, give them a reason to get out and vote, and then make sure they do.

I have written repeatedly as to how special elections are the least sexy elections on the planet. They deal with a single issue, are inconveniently timed in the middle of nothing, and largely nobody cares. especially since the GOP, led by Trump, seems hell bent for leather to try to convince every card carrying Trombie in Georgia to stay home, I am estimating that the turnout for the special election will be somewhere between 3.2-3.8 million voters. As we speak, there have been more than 950,000 requests for absentee ballots. Those aren’t coming from Republicans, no matter how much Pence begs. Let’s ramp up the turnout, and bring this thing home, shall we?

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