I know, I know, not only do I know we really should not write short diaries, I’ve waved that flag around myself on several occasions. Some rules, I guess, are indeed made to be broken.

Even worse, I am going to drop this and run. That bothers me more than the brevity will, but I can’t help it. I will be here again as soon as humanly possible, and I am really sorry for the gap in coverage.

Ok, enough preliminaries. This diary probably only exists because I’m Aspie. There are times when I completely fail to read the room, times when I don’t even realize the room is there to be read. I suspect this is one such time. There is a Zeitgeist thing happening that has me totally befuddled, bemused, confused, and multiple other synonyms, feel free to add some of your own in the comments. It is this:

Trump is facing multiple lawsuits, some brought against him, some that he has (foolishly?) initiated against others.

Not only is he facing these suits, which are of course civil, but he is also under investigation, his henchcritters are under investigation, his henchcritters’ henchcritters are under investigation… this website has a fairly comprehensive list of all the things, and the Google search that brought this up has many, many items dated within the past seven days.

So this area is lively, right now.

And yet, here we all are, talking earnestly among ourselves about what will happen when he runs again in 2024. And we’re not the only ones doing that. It’s all over the place.

Based on all of this chatter, and I use that in the SigInt sense, not derogatorily, I find myself asking:

  • when did the general consensus arise that Trump will face no charges and suffer no consequences for any of his actions, and
  • given the fact that such a consensus apparently exists, why are any of the lawsuits and investigations still ongoing?

Because I am NOT seeing any qualifiers.

I can’t recall seeing any article or comment that discusses any aspect of Trump’s anticipated next run in which the author has paused, taken a metaphorical breath, and said: “but of course this is all speculative, because there are a half dozen lawsuits and numerous criminal probes going on, so there’s an even chance that Trump may be cooling his heels in the clink by 2024. And we don’t let our politicians campaign from jail — YET. So stay tuned, because all of this could change on a dime.”

I am not seeing that disclaimer anywhere. I think it is very significant that I am not seeing that disclaimer. It is as though we have collectively hypnotized ourselves into believing that Trump is as inevitable as Melancholia (big honkin’ planet that crashed into Earth and destroyed it, in a chirpy feel good movie by Lars von Trier).

There is this term: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Its meaning is obvious: when you behave as though something is an absolute certainty, you may well be in a position to influence events in such a way that it does indeed come to pass.

I’m not talking about Secret Laws of Attraction here, but about simple things like prejudice. Treat someone like a nogoodnik, for instance, and they may well get angry enough to behave like one, just to show you. Or assume that vicious people who behave as though the laws don’t apply to them will always get away with everything, and you’re probably setting the stage for vicious people to get away with things, because there’s no “pressure of expectations” to make things be otherwise.

I do not think we should let a vicious charlatan hypnotize us into assenting to a replay of his political candidacy, with all the social damage that entails. By all rights the man should have long since been told not to plan any trips out of town, and advised that oh by the way some guys will be coming by to confiscate every physical record and relevant piece of electronics in the place, not to mention cellphone records, and yes they have warrants…

Did I just not get the memo and is it really all over already? Or are we sleepwalking ourselves into capitulation to fascism as if we had no alternative, merely because it gives us something to talk about? Or what? Because I really am astonished, confused, and honestly alarmed by this, and I think we ALL should be just a little less enthusiastic in our discussions of Trump’s next Presidential run as if it were inevitable just because he wants it to be.

And I really do have to drop this and run, and I am very, very sorry that I won’t be here right away. This will either garner no replies, or somewhere around Googol x 1023. Massive apologies.

Updated at 8:25 a.m. Eastern: Good grief, y’all been busy 🙂 — thank you! Am addressing comments now, and glad to see the poll was an apparent success.

And again at 11:08 — my gosh, the trending list! Thank you all. I’m in the comments now, trying to be a good diary host :-). Thanks to all who have commented, and special thanks to all who voted in the poll.

And one last note at yikes 1:30 p.m. Eastern — queries about this being a strange diary. It was strange to me because it is Meta From An Aspie With A Lars von Trier Movie Reference On Top. Not sure how well *that* would have played as the headline, though :-).

For the person who felt foreboding, I edited it a tad :-).


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Seriously, what’s going on with the assumption that The Trump Candidacy Shall Rise Again?

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Seriously, what’s going on with the assumption that The Trump Candidacy Shall Rise Again?

everyone got the memo but you, Gael
69 votes
no consensus expressed but it seems inevitable and we are all so dispirited that we’ve resigned ourselves
361 votes
damn, I never even stopped to think about this, what IS going on with this?
324 votes
well, he says so, and we all know His Word Is Law
102 votes
other, see comment
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