One of the idiots behind the GoFundMe border wall could be going to jail

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Oh, schadenfreude, you are my very favorite of all the freudes. So, you may have heard that those guys who raised money on GoFundMe for a small chunk of easily passable wall actually started building said chunk on Memorial Day weekend.

Thing is, they didn’t get the permits they needed and were eventually shut down.

And now? The guy who owned the land where the wall was built could be going to jail over the project.



City officials in Sunland Park, New Mexico, said in a court filing this month neither landowner George Cudahy nor the group We Build The Wall had obtained the necessary building permits to construct the multimillion-dollar barrier along the US-Mexico border over Memorial Day weekend.

About two weeks later, the International Boundary and Water Commission — the agency responsible for managing waterways between the US and Mexico — said construction crews also failed to obtain authorization to build a gate that crossed onto federal land.

Cudahy, the CEO of American Eagle Brick Company, could face up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine for the violation. According to a complaint obtained by BuzzFeed News, Cudahy submitted an incomplete application to erect the half-mile wall, but no permit had been issued for its construction.


How much you want to bet this guy chanted “lock her up” at least once in the past few years.


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David Bishop
David Bishop

He thought Executive Orders would cover it.