With the recent scandals around Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey, sharing classified information with Russia, and evidence thatTrump was trying to obstruct justice, the number of signatures on the online Impeach Trump Now petition has hit one million.

In the early days of Trump’s presidency the number of signers to this petition skyrocketed, quickly reaching 500,000. Then during the aftermath of several mis-steps includingthe resignation of Michael Flynn and claims that Obama wiretapped him, the petition reached 750,000 signatures.

After that, the number of signatures grew slowly and steadly, but with the latest news, it has spiked up to over 1,000,000. As we have said before,impeaching a President is a poltical move, so the more public support is shown for impeaching Trump, the more likelya Representative in the House will table articles of impeachment. Indeed, we have seen Republicans starting to openly speak out against Trump, and just this morning Dem. Congressman Al Green called from Trump’s impeachment on the floor of the Congress.

The online Impeach Trump Now petition was started by Free Speech For People and RootsAction. Their initial case for impeachingTrump is his violation of the Emoluments Clause, which forbids the Presidentfrom accepting payments from foreign or domestic governments. Because Trumpdid not fully divest his businesses, he is currently in violation of this clause. With the recent developments, they are “expanding the impeachment campaign in response to the President’s apparent interference with a criminal investigation by firing FBI Director James Comey.”

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