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The first time it happened, it seemed like some Darth Vader “mind-trick” fluke, or something.

“Sorry Donald, it’s just Business.  You’re Fired.”

But in this second go-round from Darth Vladimir today, it really seems like he’s ‘cuttings his losses’ from the train-wreck — that is Donald-Delusional-Trump.

Putin sends a mixed message on US election, hedging his bets

by Vladimir Isachenkov, Associated Press —  10/7/2020, 3 hrs ago


But Putin also praised Biden for declaring an intention to extend the New START arms control treaty that expires in February. The U.S.-Russian talks on extending the pact have produced no visible progress, and Russian diplomats said that chances for making a deal with the Trump administration look slim.

“This is a very serious element of our potential collaboration in the future,” Putin said, speaking on his 68th birthday. He added that Russia would be ready to work with any future U.S. president.

[… backing the bus up now …]

He said Biden’s reference to Trump in last week’s debate as “Putin’s puppy” was in fact a compliment to Russia and “actually enhances our prestige, because they are talking about our incredible influence and power.”

Wow!    I would imagine that Donnie might be “choking on his aspirations” — when he hears that last slam (… assuming he even understands it that is).

— —

Obligatory disclaimer:

This post is not meant to be an endorsement of Putin’s lies, enticements, and constant deceptions;

but rather just another sign of the times, that even the Trump puppet-master, can “read the writing” on the Americans crying-for-change wall.

— —

“Trump your days of doing Putin’s bidding are just about over.” Whoops!
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  1. Vlad is nasty and cunning, and probably figured out a long time ago that Moron-1 is a bungling loose cannon. A prolific liar and wily con knows enough to never trust a wannabe autocrat. Alas, Trump will never see a Trump Tower-Moscow, but Vlad will probably see Trump Tower-NYC with a new owner and renamed, because after the courts and the IRS is done, Trump will have precious little.

  2. Before Putin, Trump was a bombastic megliomaniac. After trump obsorbed Putin’s negative propaganda machine, he became a moronic excavator. After four years of obscene abuse of power he became a psycho and may get life in prison as his retirement package.


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