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A desperate Trump decides he’ll use Jeanine Pirro’s TV program to threaten Michael Cohen’s father. Because Cohen is going to be talking to Congress soon.

  • Jeanine now asking Trump if he would release the conversation he had with Putin in Helsinki. Trump said he would but….”I’m not keeping anything under wraps.” (Trump took the papers from translator) now says the Washington Post is the Lobbyist for Amazon.
  • Trump: “I have to be careful because these are dirty players” referring to Mueller.
  • Donald Trump: Michael Cohen should give information to authorities on his father-in-law not me.
  • Asked what is father-in-laws name is Trump responds: no idea.
  • Asked if he will release FISA: at the right time we will do that
  • Are you planning on keeping the Mueller report private: Trump responds “I can’t tell you”
  • Trump asked about 2020 field responds: One I was hoping was going to run announced yesterday he’s not going to run (referring to Steyer)
  • Steyer planning a 40 million dollar spend on Trump’s impeachment.

Did his stunt double just go to McAllen, Texas.

Always interesting when there isn’t a categorical denial.

On Friday night, The New York Times reported that FBI agents opened a counterintelligence investigation in May of 2017 into whether President Trump had been operating “on behalf of Russia against American interests.”

If the Times is correct, then the FBI overcame its reluctance to investigate Trump after he fired one of its own: former director James Comey, whom the president dismissed that same month. One implication of that timeline is that Robert Mueller, who was appointed as special counsel a week later, would have had access to their investigation for at least substantial portions of his own.


It’s unclear whether or not that investigation is over. Former Justice Department officials told The Daily Beast that counterintelligence probes, especially those into a president, would take years to complete.

“They take a long time. They’re not over quickly. And based on the president’s public statements and actions, I think you have to open a cointel investigation,” said one former senior DOJ official with knowledge of such counterintelligence investigations. “You might never know that it’s resolved. These cases often never see the inside of a courtroom. The findings are often kept within the intelligence community, indexed and filed away.”…

“Open for grabs”?

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  1. Trump says he will release Helsinki transcript…Another blatant lie.

    Trump responds and says the notes can be released…he doesn’t care either way. “That meeting is open for grabs,” he adds…Another blatant lie.

    “Absolutely not,” Lindsey Graham said when asked if he’d support having Marina Gross, the American translator in Trump’s meeting with Putin, testify before Congress…just following the party line.

    He said that precedent could prevent foreign leaders from wanting to meet with future U.S. presidents privately…Another Republican president any time in the next bazillion years? Do you honestly believe that, after what you and your GOP cohorts let the criminal in chief do to our country, you moron???
    YOU COWARD, YOU GUTLESS IDIOT!!! and oh yea, Lindsay? F off forever and a day, you asshole.

  2. I imagine 45 is at the White House right now with his people changing the notes to be no there there. If there was no concern in the first place it would not have been kept secret.


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