On Cue, Trump Whines About “Fairness” of Process After Declining to Participate


My gosh, certainly no one saw this coming!

This is the president of the United States of America, who awoke early this morning because he is no longer grounded from using his phone, and he wants you to know that he finds this all to be terribly terribly unfair!!

Look, we can disagree on a lot but I think we’ll all accept that Trump is always laser-focused on “fairness” as a guiding principle … pffft. Ask Merrick Garland about “fairness,” Trump. And have your “one lawyer” object if you have a problem … wait, your particular lawyer won’t show up because it might legitimize the process.

This is the same man whose lawyers stated yesterday that because they couldn’t know if the process would be fair, they wouldn’t participate at all, which is exactly what they teach us in law school; always run away holding your eyes and ears if it appears the government is doing something you question.

Nadler’s offer to allow Trump to testify and participate worked beautifully. Nearly every retort on Twitter is some form of: “Just go and testify!”

There are fewer Trump love-bots replying. Most of Trump’s Twitter followers are letting him know that playing the same song over and over isn’t working.

I like this one:

Of course, everyone responding is doing so with a giggle, because I suspect that even his followers know that Trump cannot testify. He lies constantly, he lies even when telling the truth might be easier and safer. He would also likely divulge further criminality, stuff of which we’re still unaware. Of course he will not testify or participate, because he is guilty.

This response stopped me in my tracks:

Lincoln did give his life to save this nation. He declared war while living in a city across the river from enemy lines. Had the North lost the Civil War, does anyone have much doubt what would have happened to Lincoln upon being captured? Imprisonment, at best. Ultimately, Lincoln saved the country and paid with his life anyway. Trump is knowingly tearing the country apart over his own support, with no effort to represent all Americans or bind us all together in something greater. He wants to punish anyone who doesn’t support him. Have no doubt, he relishes the opportunity, probably fantasizes about it.

Anyway, big plans for today, as Trump has a long planned trip to attend …

Nah, he’s heading off to the U.K. for the NATO anniversary and, perhaps – funeral, depending on his mood, I suppose.

Wait! Chopper-talk!!

The “do nothing Democrats” are to be criticized for scheduling the impeachment hearing while he goes to London for the NATO anniversary. He won’t send lawyers to the hoax. Republicans have never been more united, so that is a great thing, but it is a disgrace what is happening.

The meeting with the NATO countries promises to have a lot more “burden sharing.” That means Trump is going to decrease military spending on NATO, punishing other nations, weakening NATO as much as he believes he can get away with, because that is so obviously in Russia’s interest. Not a single elected Republican has called out Trump’s OBVIOUS pro-Russia NATO stance, not one.

He is imposing more tariffs, because of course he is. Tariffs are horrid for the economy, everyone understands that now. He is attempting to get us into a new recession/depression, I am absolutely convinced. 

And now he’s off to destroy western civilization and NATO! Let’s hit the skies!


Peace, y’all


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5 Comments on "On Cue, Trump Whines About “Fairness” of Process After Declining to Participate"

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Trump needs to be executed by firing squad on international television.


Like I’ve said before for a thing that claims to be so transparent he sure is working awfully hard to hide the truth. I’ll call him trumpstruction because all he does is obstruct.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

F*ck this orange piece of garbage. He can whine until his worthless heart stops, it wouldn’t matter to me. What he needs is a foot deep in his a$$. All that he has done was ruin many lives and our country. He needs to be not only impeached but deported.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Trump , has been the greatmeddler in every
country he can . He’s poked his nose into the
football games ( couldn’t get to be an owner ),
and the U.K. election , giving every country
and politician’s his (ALL KNOWING ADVISE) ,
, about how to run their countries, meanwhile
he’s unable to run ours .
He’s by far ,the greatest whiner in the political
history of America.
Poor guy , just can’t get a break !
Can you imagine ,if he’d have just kept his
mouth SHUT .
That’s the biggest question ,anyone could
ever ask Trump !
Why ,couldn’t you keep your mouth shut ?

chris whitley
chris whitley

I am just going to pick my toys up and go home!