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Literally…the world stage.

I think this warrants its own story or Trump’s incredible faux pas might go under the radar.

You can’t dress him up, let alone take him out.

With the handler running after Twittler it’s a total comedy skit. Only it’s not supposed to be funny. He actually waves to the audience as he’s leaving so you know he meant it.

Please, stop embarrassing us already! Isn’t it raining or something in Buenos Aires?

I can’t hear it but multiple commenters hear him saying at the end “get me outta here”. OMG yes our feelings exactly

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  1. This is like when he exited the plane and walked right past the waiting limo. And his handler had to turn him around and point to the vehicle.

  2. Also dropping the translator earpiece and hand set on to the floor, when next to and listening to the Argentinian president. He obviously couldn’t hold it whilst he spoke, or have given it to an aide. This episode was similar to his umbrella dump at the top of the aircraft steps to AF One. His behaviour is very odd indeed.

  3. Anytime Trump walks on a stage he looks around like he’s lost. Has he been checked for Alzheimer’s lately? For Pete’s sake the man got off Air force One and walked past his own limo which was parked right in front of the stairs. Misplaced a car that size, really?? Who did he thing those Secret Service guys were? Cheering fans?


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