OMG. Pelosi is opening a new front against Trump and charging hard!

FRANCE 24 English / YouTube Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi returns to 1547693030.jpg...
FRANCE 24 English / YouTube

Just mere hours after overseeing the successful passage of the CR, Pelosi is opening up a brand new can of whoopass:

She is not giving him even a single evening of respite. She is like an eagle spotting a snake from 4000 ft up and dive-bombing in for the kill. I know I’m not the only person showering in the schadenfreude that is the spectacle of a decrepit misogynist having his ass absolutely handed to him by a woman.

Oh, and just in case you were worried about those continued efforts of the Orange Baboon to undermine the Mueller investigation:

THIS is why the decision to elect Pelosi was a no-brainer. Folks, may I introduce to you the most consequential and effective Speaker of the House of the modern era!

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Michael owens
Michael owens

Shes a ray of hope amongest a sea of pigs with their snouts in the public trough….the biggest swine of all DT.