OMG! Glenn Beck Compares Trump To James Bond, Says Trump’s The Last Male Role Model


Jesus, take the wheel. RWNJ talk radio host Glenn Beck didn’t used to like Donald Trump. Two years ago he compared him to Hitler. Then, in the face of flagging ratings and Alex Jones-ian irrelevance on the horizon, he flip flopped back, in May, 2018. Now, he’s genuflecting and comparing Trump to James Bond.

Last May, in a bizarre 6 1/2-minute rant Beck donned a MAGA hat on the air, and declared he’d had an epiphany, which was that the Big Bad Media deliberately mischaracterized Trump’s depiction of immigrants as “animals.” Beck clarified for us that Trump’s comment was directed only at MS-13 gangs, and that now he, Beck, understands that the media is indeed the enemy of the people. They are, in his words, “dishonest, corrupt people, who don’t care about the truth at all.” Beck says to the media, “You can’t give him anything, you don’t report on good things, and you have to make up bad things.” Glenn, with all due respect, nobody can make this shit up, not Dickens or George Bernard Shaw, two of the greatest satirists that ever lived, if they came back from the dead, could possibly dream up a scenario, the likes of which we see emerging from Washington every day.

That day, Beck did a bizarre, backhanded, apology to Trump: “Please forgive me, Mr. Trump, for predicting that you will sweep in 2020. Because whenever I am for a candidate, they always lose. So I won’t endorse you, because that’s the kiss of death. But I will tell you, the things that you have done as the president, are remarkable.” So, that was the first course served, and now, today, the piece de resistance. Beck announced that Trump is the “last real alpha male alive.”

Beck was on the air with his friend, Pat Gray, discussing how young men look up to Trump as a father figure and that it is his alpha-male-ism that got him elected. Daily Beast:

There are no examples of men being men. James Bond. That’s it. A movie. There’s no male role models. Would you agree with that? So Donald Trump: here’s a guy who marries a supermodel, is like, ‘Yeah, I can make it with any model I want.’ He’s over the top, but he fights back, he doesn’t flinch… he is the almost cartoon of an alpha dog. You know what I mean? And I think because we have taken alpha dogs and shot them all, when he comes to the table there’s a lot of guys that are out there goin’ ‘Damn right!’

He’s right about Trump being a cartoon. That part I will go along with totally.

But the larger picture here, is that attitudes that basically went out the door in the 80’s, if not sooner, are alive and well and being proselytized by right wing radio. Listening to this stuff is like getting into a time machine and going back to when the word “feminist” was synonymous with man hater. These are scary people and this is scary stuff.

The cultural war we’re in has a lot of fronts. One of them is the War on Truth, as lies get proselytized and spun by Trump and acolytes daily. The War on Race is another. This exchange today is part of the War on Women, make no mistake about that.

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Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

It must be all that “Scotch” tRump exudes! Reminds Beck of Sean Connery, or maybe Sean Ornnery!


“He’s right about Trump being a cartoon. That part I will go along with totally.” Whole-heartedly agree. That’s it. Nothing beyond that empty, cartoon, pencil sketch.