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Breaking on MSNBC right now, Omarosa gave an interview to Katy Tur in which Tur asked Omarosa if Trump knew of the hacked Hillary emails before Wikileaks released them. She stated; “Yes.”

It is a devastating allegation, if true.

This is dangerous ground, though. Because if this isn’t true, it gives Trump ammunition to come out and state that all these people with allegations against him have an agenda, they all want to tear him down, they all tell lies, and on and on. It feeds the witch-hunt, hoax, anti-Trump message like no other accusation could. As Brett Stephans of the New York Times stated; “If this is not true, she is doing him a massive favor.”

But if it is true, it puts Trump front and center into an international conspiracy to steal the presidency.

Truly, the stakes could not be higher, and no one is sure – yet – whether Omarosa can prove her allegation. But, it is worth noting, that where once she would not have been taken seriously, no one has gained more ground in the “credibility” race lately than Omarosa.

We shall see.

Oh, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders could not guarantee that Trump had never used the N-word, when asked during the White House press briefing. That happened, too. Just another day in the White House grease fire, demolition derby administration.



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  1. Hopefully I am not the only who is not the least bit surprised that this information has been brought to the fore. I can surmise that Trump has congratulated Putin on many things behind closed doors, including his successful efforts to ensure his victory in the 2016 election. I imagine that the closed door 2 hour meeting with Putin included discussions on future election efforts to put in place all the trump supporting politicians that he can. He may have even provided Putin with specifics on which elections he had in mind and which candidates he wanted or needed to see win. No doubt Trump told him what he knew regarding the most recently implemented United States efforts to prevent future election meddling. Giving Putin a heads up so he can notify his operatives of the salacious information provided by Trump. What a sad testament to the type of man the Republicans have decided to admire and hold in the very highest esteem. SAD!!!

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