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Silver linings playbook, #TrumpRussia continues and no one had to leap out of the octagon. Sanctions continue, despite the prospect of the fix being in on SCOTUS.

Washington has frozen Deripaska’s US-based assets, including massive mansions in Manhattan and Washington, DC. But the feds are also negotiating with him to give up some of his European-based operations to keep them running free of sanctions, Treasury officials say.

Deripaska’s US assets include a mansion at 11 E. 64th St. The uber-posh residence is just down the street from fellow Ukrainian-born oligarch Len Blavatnik’s mansion, which he bought for a record $90 million earlier this year.

But although the US government has frozen Deripaska’s US assets, including his property, Deripaska has arranged to have the children and ex-wife of his business partner, the oligarch Roman Abramovich, live within its secure walls, The Post has learned.…

Bonus fact: the feds found Abramovich’s ex-wife and children living in the seized mansion and that Abramovich is dating Deripaska’s ex-wife. …The ex-wife (Dasha Zhukova) is good friends w/Ivanka Trump. Zhukova & Abramovich often traveled & socialized w/KremlinBarbie & Kushner.

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