It’s Monday, and Keith is in fine fettle, calling out everybody

Keith’s page notes from the video:

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri is the latest “Republican” to try to sabotage a bipartisan Commission to investigate the January 6th Coup.

Fine. No Commission.

Go right to a Special Prosecutor with a remit to indict not merely the traitors who stormed the Capitol, but those who encouraged them and tried to whitewash them. Indict Trump. Indict Josh Hawley. Indict Marjorie Traitor Greene. Indict Kevin McCarthy. If you can’t put them in prison, tie them up in the courts for the rest of their lives.

In short: Democrats – big and small “D” – must stop bringing a Debate Plan to a Knife Fight.

Democracy itself is in peril. It is time to show the fascist bullies that they will be hit harder and longer than they can hit. You cannot negotiate with traitors or terrorists and the GOP is both. If you want a Commission as a sideshow, fine: run it as the Republicans ran Benghazi, with no concern for the other side’s participation.

Why such a hard line against the GOP? To quote Dave Chappelle: “Why? Because fuck ’em! That’s why.”

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