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     What the hellis it with Jefferson Beauregard Sessions anyway?Politically, this guy seems to have more lives than nine cats. Heseems to have done nothing but piss off his Dork in Chief since hewas confirmed as Attorney General, and yet he continues to sitthere in the corner, like a cowed puppy, Trump continues to dumpshit over his head in public. Doesn’t the guy have any selfrespect?

     WhileSessions is due back in front of the Senate Judiciary committeeagain this week, once again to try to find another way to lie,misdirect, and obfuscate his way out of his Russian contacts, andknowledge of others with the same, the prevailing opinion is thatthe committee will not come out and demand his resignation, they’lljust take a whack at cuffing him around publicly since Hair Furoris out of town, and can’t do it in more than 140 charactershimself.

     The reasoningfor the leniency at having yet another lying pieceof shit at the top of the governmental food chaiin is that by hissimply proclaiming his absence from something, he has made himselfindispensable. The logic goes that Trump wants to fire SpecialProsecutor Robert Mueller,  but he can’t order Jeff Sessionsto do it, since Sessionshad to recuse himself from any mattersdealing with the Russia investigation. The reasoning goes that ifthe Democrats demand that Sessions resign, andhe does, this willmean that Trump will be able to appoint a new Attorney General, whois not recused from the investigation, and he orshe can fire Mueller upon orders from The Orange Julius.

     I am a firm believer inthe Jon Stewart principle; “If you smell bullshit, call bullshit.”So, I’m calling bullshit. And so is US Representative Ted Lieu(D-CA), although being a US congressman, and much better educatedthan I, he makes it sound more like “bovine excrement.” Hisarguments are much the same as mine. First of all, Sessions is aserial liar, especially to the US Senate Judiciary committee, whichisn’t just a lie, since it was under oath it is perjury, and is acriminal offense. He has done it twice now, and mark my words,he’ll goddamn well do it again this week. Second, there is nothingSessions can do, like any cabinet member, he serves at the pleasureof the President, who can fire him any time he likes. Trump hasalready done it with almost 40 US Attorney’s, Sally Yates,theassistant Attorney General, Tom Price from Health and HumanServices, and James Comey, his FBI director, which started thiswhole Mueller meshuggah in the first place. Let him fireSessions.

     There are several reasonsto demand Sessions immediate ouster. First of all, it’s bad enoughhaving one arrogant, condescending, pompous asshole verballyflipping us the bird every time he opens his pie hole, we don’tneed another. Second, while The Orange Tufted Poodle lying to thepeople who pay him, and provide his room and board and travelexpenses, it isn’t a crime. Lying to congress is a federal crime,perjury, and it’s about time a line was drawn in the sand, and anexample made that it will not be tolerated. Third, Sessions is ablatantly racist fuck, and he is a true believer in the Trumpagenda. He is doing incredible damage to immigration rights, votingrights, and civil rights. I find it highly unlikely that anyreplacement Trump could pick would be as harmful and corrosive tothe social fabric of this country, more likely he’d be just anotherincompetent slob, like his overlord. And fourth, Trump almostcertainly can’t actually do it.

     There aremore reasons for ththat last reason I listed than I can shake astick at, but here’s a few. Trump doesn’t actually need to haveSessions fire Comey, he can order the Assistant Attorney, RodRosenstein to do it. But to fire a special prosecutor, you need toshow just cause. And the last time he asked Rod Rosenstein toprovide just cause, for Comey, he threw Rosenstein under the busand blamed him for the resulting political chaos. Rosenstein wouldlikely tell him to shove it up his ass, which would require Trump,with his filo dough thin skin to fire Rosenstein. Can anybody say”Saturday night massacre?” Here’s another one, Trump already triedto ditch Sessions, and couldn’t get away with it. In a TrumperTantrum earlier this summer, His Lowness demanded Sessionsresignation, which Sessions tendered in writing. But Trump couldn’tpull the trigger and accept the resignation, because his staff toldhim what a political nightmare the fallout would bring. And lastbut by no means least, the Chairman of the Senate JudiciaryCommittee, Chuck Grassley has already tweeted out in response toTrump’s earlier threat that the committee would not consider areplacement in hearing for the rest of this year. Firing Sessionswould leave Rosenstein in charge, and there is no way he wouldexecute on Trump’s outrageous plans.

     So, there isno logical reason for the Senate to demand Sessions resignation ortermination. It is the honorable, ethical, and just thing to do. IfTrump uses the demand as an excuse to shitcan Sessions, so be it,and good riddance to bad garbage. And if he digs his heels in andstonewalls, if for no better reason than to spite Democrats, thenhe saddles himself with an appointee he’d desperatey love to ridhimself of, and his refusal gives every non Trumpaholic voter inthe country another reason to hate him. Maybe it’s just me, but Idon’t see a downside here, eitherfor Democrats, or for thecountry.

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