So. My last diary blew up a bit. During my perusal of the comments I noticed a theme of folks not understanding stuff that, as a trans person I kinda have to know. 

Before we get to the AMA I’m gonna clear up a few things. 

1. The “trans women in sports” question. 

TERFs and their allies whinge and pule about “male bone density” and “latent musculature” but they’re full of shit. My friend Justin, who goes by Jangles Sciencelad on YouTube is a physical therapist with a degree in sports medicine and a PHD in the field. Here is his rebuttal towards the idea of trans women not being able to compete in sports. It’s engaging and I suggest you watch it. Consider it homework if you’re a cis ally, given to you by your friendly neighborhood trans woman who is very tired of giving the same answers to the same questions every time. 

Next, folks asked what “ROGD” stood for. 

It stands for “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” and is utter bullshit. Basically a guy did a “study” where he recruited parents who didn’t accept their trans kids and asked them if they had seen any signs of those kids being trans before they came out, when they (predictably) said no, he decided that meant trans kids were being infected by a social contagion consisting of “one of my friends says they’re trans, I’m gonna be trans too!”

It’s trash and I refuse to dignify it with any more words. But I did make a funny sketch about it on my podcast. 

Link Here

Finally, the “bathroom issue”

Everyone reading this diary, unless you don’t ever use public bathrooms for some reason, y’all have already shared a bathroom with a trans person and never realized it. We’ve been using the bathrooms that align with our sex since the invention of gendered bathrooms, sorry to inform you.

But that’s not the whole story. Trans women are at elevated risk of a urinary tract infection compared to the rest of the population because we’re so scared to go to public bathrooms that we hold it for too long and damage our bodies. 

Last bit, TERF stands for “Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist” but I prefer to think it stands for “Trans Exterminationist Reactionary Fascist” because that’s what they are, they want me dead. 

Now, got those basic things out of the way, beyond that, the floor is open. Any question asked in good faith, no matter how personal or possibly offensive, I will answer.

That applies for GOOD FAITH questions only. If someone comes in sealioning, begging the question or reducto ad absurduming me I’m gonna lay into them, fair and full warning. 

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