The Purge was going to begin in two minutes!

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In case you didn’t know, here’s how the rioters got into the Capitol. That’s right. Shock! The police let them in. The police, in fact, wanted them to come in. Here is the video that proves it.

But just in case you think the police are bad or, even worse, in favor of Trumpism, the real explanation was that the Purge was beginning and emergency services were about to be suspended.

So they had no choice?

No, explains Capitol Poice Chief Hesan Idyot. “The Purge is scary, yes, but it’s a good thing. It helps people get the anger out of their system once a year. Heck, we had it twice this year, actually. Remember, in the summer, the BLM Purge? This is the second Purge, that’s all.”

Why Two Purges This Year?

The New Founding Fathers decided that in years of terrible pandemics or other suffering, it might be necessary to have two purges in a year, to really let out all the bad mojo.

So Cheer Up, It’s Not So Heartbreaking

I listened to all those hypocrites in the Senate talking about how this was a day of infamy. No, it wasn’t — it was a Day of Purging.

And then all these Republicans who were shocked, shocked at what happened. It reminds me of that scene in Casablanca where Claude Rains,the police chief, is shocked that there is gambling going on in this establishment — only to be told, “Here are your winnings, sir,” by his assistant.

Here Are Your Winnings, Sirs!

To the Ted Cruz’s of the world, you can’t pretend to be shocked because this has been telegraphed since the last debate, where Trump was asked to disown the Proud Boys. He told them, “Stand back and stand by.”

Trump Sees Seven Moves Ahead

On that night in October Trump foresaw this Jan 6 event. Of course, being president he had probably been notified of super secret things like the Second Purge. So maybe he’s not so smart. I don’t know. I go back and forth between he’s a genius, he’s a moron. And then I land on, he’s a psychopath.

A Psychopath Has No Conscience

Trump tweeted “We love you,” to the rioters as they began their Purge and they stormed the building. Does he feel responsible for one of his female followers getting shot as she tried to break in the Capitol?

Of course not. For two reasons. 1) He’s a psychopath. 2) It was the Purge.

Nobody Needs to Feel Bad About the Purge

We need it, that’s all. Accept it. Human civilization suppresses our aggressions, but they don’t just go away — they go into our suppressed shadow selves.

Jung himself would have approved of today’s proceedings.

Notice how calm, sedate and sober everyone was when the Congress reconvened.

We got the aggression out of our system.

Now we can go back to being ordinary citizens.

Unless, Of Course, There’s a Sequel

And you know, there’s always a sequel. Stay tuned for the Next Purge. I’m betting on Inauguration Day!

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