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During Friday’s House Committee hearing, Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) spent a good deal of time trying to pry information from acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker about immigration policy and what the hell made-up crime information the president seemed to be working from. At the very end of her time, she asked this very simple question: “Did you ever create, direct the creation of, see, or become aware of the existence of any documents relating to pardoning of any individual?”

Whitaker looked down in a listening pose during the question, and paused for a small amount of time before answering the question: “I’m aware of documents relating to pardoning of individuals, yes.”

Was that pause for dramatic effect? Something to mask the fact that this is a message to some of those criminals out there still wondering how much time they will have to do? Was it actually Whitaker realizing he probably had to answer this truthfully and feeling like he wasn’t ready for the question? It’s really hard to say. It’s not surprising, of course, but considering how much straight-up lying we have become accustomed to in this administration, something about this felt like an admission.

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  1. Impeach hell! Throw the damn bum and his family out of the country. He makes Benedict Arnold look like a cub scout. And Whitaker is nothing but trash that’s trying so damn hard to be somebody.


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