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Yeah, so remember the nonsense that proto-Trump nitwit Sarah Palin spewed about “death panels” back when the Affordable Care Act was being debated?

Like most of what she said, it was too crazy to believe. I mean, seriously. Rationing lifesaving care in America? Pfft. Like that would ever happ …

Oh, what fresh hell is this?

Leave it to Republicans to make their own worst, totally fabricated nightmares come true in the most lurid way imaginable.

By the way, here’s the bit that’s circled in red in the first tweet:

2. If a patient becomes ill and the doctor believes the patient needs extra care in an ICU or needs mechanical ventilation (breathing machine), their case will be reviewed, along with other patient cases, to determine how these resources should be shared throughout the hospital.

3. If a patient becomes extremely sick and very unlikely to survive his/her illness (even with life-saving treatment) — limited medical resources may go to treat other patients who are more likely to survive.

a. If a ventilator or ICU care is not offered or is stopped, the patient has the right to ask their doctor for further detail concerning this decision and will receive everything they need to ensure they are comfortable and free of pain or discomfort.

Okay, that doesn’t sound good.

To my dying day (which could be soon if Donald Trump and his Pestilence Patrol have their way), I’ll never understand how the same people who nearly shat a lung over Terri Schiavo could be so blasé about the lives of thousands of perfectly healthy people who didn’t need extraordinary lifesaving measures until the coronavirus put Trump on retainer as its top PR flack.

But then they live in a rarefied world, don’t they? Who am I to question the wisdom of a holier-than-moi conservative?



  1. Republican caused death panels, yup its come full circle. The American health care system is sick has been for years all they care about is extracting as much money from you as is possible. My sister was sued for 5K after she refused to pay the high costs of things her insurance company refused to pay then she sat back and told em good luck collecting as I am judgment proof and you cannot touch a penny in my bank account (she is on disability) and 2 mos of SS payments are protected. They wasted more on collection efforts and filing the suit, paying an attorney etc when they should have just charged it off knowing she was on SS. you cannot fix stupid especially the greedy….

  2. This was foretold by all who have fought for universal healthcare as a right and for compassion as an American value. However, we have an administration and GOP controlled Senate that just doesn’t care. So, here we are, of necessity rationing healthcare.

  3. The US needs to join the 21st century, by offering its citizens National Healthcare, as all other civilized Nations do.

    How sick is America?
    Sick enough to allow a Tresident (Treasonous Resident) in our House, to commit Genocide! He and every last one of his sycophants must not be able to get away with it. Lock them up.


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