Ode To Trump’s Magical MAGA Cure On Memorial Day with 100,000 Americans Dead


Monday will be an especially poignant Memorial Day because this year it has a dual meaning. It’s a memorial not only for the fallen troops in wars throughout our history, but for Americans struck down by COVID-19, which is Donald Trump’s war against his own citizens. More specifically, it’s a war between Trump’s ego and reality and rather than doing the sane thing and listening to the experts he decided to do the selfish thing — true to form — which was to do nothing and let a pandemic rage out of control on our shores. Most if not all of the victims of COVID-19 would still be alive if Trump didn’t choose to ignore the virus in the childish hope that if he paid no attention to it, it would simply go way.

This is an American tragedy and I don’t minimize that for a moment by offering up the following song parody. This is offered to give a little comic relief on this Memorial Day weekend, because humor is a way to deflect from sadness, and get us into enjoying the moment and looking forward to brighter days.

In that spirit, here’s Ode to Hydroxychloroquine. 

(to the melody of Love Potion Number Nine)

I was in Davos, never thought a bit

They asked about COVID, I said you can quit
I’ve got it handled, it won’t get here any time
and if does there’s — hydroxychloroquine. 
Then things got worse, I had a talk with Mitch
He said fer crissakes, this could be a bitch,
I said don’t you worry I’ll shut it down real fine
I’ll tell my supporters — take hydroxychloroquine
Mitch said forget it man I think you’re done for sure
I said no really I got this, I’ve got a magic cure
They’ll take it from their fishtanks and they won’t even blink
For me they’ll drink bleach eat Tide pods  — cause they don’t think!
I said go back to church now, you’ll be just great
Don’t worry ’bout the death toll, that’s liberal bellyache,
If you just keep believing, in November we’ll be fine
Either that or you’ll be dead from — hydroxychloroquine




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